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Time is flying by.  2020 has certainly tested us, and now digging into the “Ber” months, 2020 is also nearly over!

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What’s new in our horizon? The kids are going back to school, virtually, for at least the 1st semester next week! Time will tell if the whole school year will be done virtually. This time, school work, and attendance, will be graded. Not sure how it will all turn out but we remain positive. I hope that you and your family are safe, whatever part of the world you are.

We also have a senior in high school this year, and so, lots of college application and processing in the works for us this upcoming school year. Keeping our fingers crossed that our baby has done enough to secure a spot at her first choice school. Looking to share some words of wisdom regarding this on the blog.

Husband and I are also looking forward to going on a vacation in a couple of months, just the two of us. Always, always, we go as a family where ever we decide to go in the past. This year, we are trying to “get-away” for a few days or so to see the changing of the autumn colors. I will be sharing our experiences on the blog as well. Is it a yay or nay for you, vacation sans kids? I know I already feel guilty about it.

Not much happening, just trying to stay sane with all that’s going on around us. I’ve been quiet this past few months, just trying to make sense and rebalance my core. I’ll be honest, I have been feeling my best these past few months but I am working on getting back on track. Running is helping for sure, which I just got reacquainted fairly recently, after months of being more sedentary.

Thank you so much for coming to my site. My name is Daisy and I am a wife of a 20-year military veteran, mom of teens, 9-year cancer survivor, 1st time GSD mom, 1st time homeowner, lifestyle blogger, fitness enthusiast, 3-year vegan veteran, and because of the military, a world traveler too. I am always looking for ways to develop and grow as a person.


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Every day I am learning and I would love if you join me in my journey. I believe when the mind and body is happy, we become more open to all the opportunities life present to us, which in turn, help us grow. I write all about it on this blog with hopes that I may also help empower you.


Thank you for reading a little bit more about me and my blog. Let’s connect.

Until next time.


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