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Hello. The month of May is nearing! It has been more than 6 weeks now since my family and I decided to aid in #flatteningthecurve of this COVID-19 by staying in place. While I do miss being able to roam around freely throughout the day, depending on my moods, being alone during some parts of my day (family with me now 24/7), take this opportunity to connect with fam, read that book you’ve been putting off, tackle decluttering that garage, or perfect some vegan-friendly recipes you’ve been wanting to try, like Ube, Mutse, Pandesal.  Stay productive but stay chill. This pandemic shall pass.

You know how the saying goes, “April showers, bring May flowers”. With April giving us Earth Day and Arbor Day, I am happily germinating some seeds at the moment indoors and looking forward to all the harvest I will be doing in the near future in my mini backyard. What has been keeping you busy and hopeful during this pandemic?


Thank you so much for coming to my site. My name is Daisy and I am a wife of a 20-year military veteran, mom of teens, 8.5 years cancer survivor, 1st time GSD mom, 1st time homeowner, lifestyle blogger, fitness enthusiast, 2.5-year vegan veteran, and because of the military, a world traveler too. I am always looking for ways to develop and grow as a person.


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Every day I am learning and I would love if you join me in my journey. I believe when the mind and body is happy, we become more open to all the opportunities life present to us, which in turn, help us grow. I write all about it on this blog with hopes that I may also help empower you.


Thank you for reading a little bit more about me and my blog. Let’s connect.

Until next time.


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