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Hello. Happy New Year! May this year will be prosperous for you and I both. Time goes by so fast, don’t it?! I don’t know about you, but looking back, 2019 has been kind to us, and I am happy with the growth it brought us. Typically January and February are the coldest months in my corner of the world. While the weather has been pretty friendly, I know cold will be upon us soon, and I am not looking forward to bundling up where ever I go. Do you not know how hard it is to use public restrooms when there is no hook to hang your purse and winter jacket? Yes, winter is not my season. I am an island girl to the core, and I am happiest in warm weather, basking under the sun at a beach somewhere.

Achieving success with your new year resolution? I hope so.

Thank you so much for coming to my site. My name is Daisy and I am a wife of a 20-year military veteran, mom of teens, 8 year cancer survivor, 1st time GSD mom, 1st time homeowner, lifestyle blogger, fitness enthusiast, 2-year vegan veteran, and because of the military, a world traveler too. I am always looking for ways to develop and grow as a person.


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Every day I am learning and I would love if you join me in my journey. I believe when the mind and body is happy, we become more open to all the opportunities life present to us, which in turn, help us grow. I write all about it on this blog with hopes that I may also help empower you.


Thank you for reading a little bit more about me and my blog. Let’s connect.

Until next time.


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