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Thank you so much for coming to my site. My name is Daisy and I am a wife of a 20-year military veteran, mom, cancer survivor, 1st time GSD mom, lifestyle blogger, fitness enthusiast, and a 2-year vegan veteran. I am always looking for ways to develop and grow as a person.


I am so excited that you are here. I have been working hard on establishing my self-hosted blog, which I created just this past May 2018. Originally, I started off with Adsense to maximize the potential of my site; but, I have since removed the ads to make my blog more succinct to my goals for it. I will still add referral links on some of my post and I will do my best to give notice when I do to keep our relationship honest.

You will find social media icons to conveniently help you connect with me on other social media platforms. I would love to offer you my support there as well. Make sure you follow my blog so we can stay up to date.

Currently, my site has 4 tabs on top to help navigate through my blog:

  • Read Me: Privacy Policy
  • Mind – everything that clutters my brain: family, finance, education, developments, family, DIY, etc.
  • Body – my vegan journey, fitness, food, recipes, etc.
  • About me (which is this page you’re reading right now.)

I am in the process of upgrading my blog to make it more user-friendly. So don’t be alarm if their are some changes from last time you’ve visited. It’s part of my 1-year “blogiversary” upgrade to infuse my personality more into my site.

I have also included a Search Box right on top of my page to help you search a particular items faster, instead of going from page to page. Just type in a word in the search box and enter.

While you are at it, please comment on a post of mine. I would love to see you take a minute and leave love and your mark on my blog. Seeing supportive comments on my blog just brightens up my day, which I pay forward and the cycle of support continues. I also love seeing who visited my blog so I can reciprocate the love and support.

This month of May, I hit my 1 year blog anniversary! Every day I am learning and I would love if you join me in my journey. My 2019 blog theme this year is Growth with focus on Self-care because I believe when the mind and body is happy, we become more open to all the opportunities life present to us, which in turn, help us grow. I write all about it on this blog with hopes that I may also help empower you.


Thank you for reading a little bit more about me and my blog. Let’s connect.

Until next time.


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Everything posted on my blog is of my personal opinion. I do not claim to be an expert. 

Graphics used are either from Canva, Watercolor Logo, or of my personal photo collection, (unless otherwise noted.)