We picked sunflowers at Goldpetal Farms, and this is what happened.

School opening is just around the corner for us and we are looking to maximize family bonding time on this last week. So, when I saw a friend’s picture on Insta about a nearby sunflower field, we went to see it that same day. And it was worth it.

I’ve only been in a sunflower field once prior, at Alvis Farm. It was a good experience; but, this second one is even better because: (not a sponsored post)

  • it’s in our city, just a few minutes drive to
  • there are ample spaces between rows, which I especially loved (Thank you!)
  • the pruner/cutter is provided
  • it’s 6 acres, so ample space for photo ops while social distancing
  • 10 sunflower stems, regardless of how many flowers are on the stem, for $20
  • 10 different sunflower variety to choose from
  • canister is provided to hold the sunflowers picked
  • their operating hours goes up to 8 pm Monday to Sunday, especially helpful to avoid the summer heat
  • dog-friendly
  • session photography is permitted at no extra cost
  • paved parking lot.

Our experience

We went to Goldpetal Farms around 5 pm. It was still hot; however, the weather kept changing to dark and sunny throughout the day yesterday. I was worried it may rain. Virginia Beach is known for its fickle weather. We may have all 4 season type of weather in one day here. Very true. And rain and sun making a surprise visit just seconds apart is no different, or a tornado.

There’s ample parking because it is the Wave Church parking lot. If you are having a hard time finding the place, plug in the Wave Church Virginia Beach branch on the gps navigation system. The base price of admission is by the amount of sunflowers picked, which is 10 stems for $20, per family group of up to 5 people. Additional 10 sunflower stems picked is an additional $10. The admission is the same whether we wanted to pick our own sunflowers or not.

It’s was so hot. And I was melting! Not sure if that was a good thing, that I was well hydrated maybe?! Thank goodness I don’t typically wear makeup, or I would have looked like a melted candle out there. haha Not good for photo ops. Bring a towel to dab those sweat beads before the selfies.

While we originally decided to locate all 10 sunflower variety, which were randomly placed in the 6 acres land, after an hour of finding the perfect varieties, we decided to just picked what we found pretty in replace of the ones we were not able to find. We did find 6 of the 10. I was told the white variety was the hardest to find. I didn’t see that one; but we did see the ombre, which was also hard to find. It’s not as tall as the other ones, so look closer to the ground for this one.

There were a lot of bees, not surprising; but, they minded their business, and paid us no mind. We also found butterflies, like the tiger butterfly, which I would not even know how to identify had it not been for Animal Crossing New Horizon. haha Other bugs we found are red ants, a green beetle (salagubang), and one we couldn’t identify, which we found interesting. We didn’t use bug spray, and we didn’t get bit, nor did we attract any bugs. I don’t want to give advice on that because every one’s different. Wear bug spray or not, it’s a personal preference.

All in all, a beautiful place to check out. If not for the heat, we might have tried harder to find all 10 variety. Definitely an instagram worthy locale. Check it out before it closes. Summer is nearly over. *sigh

Here’s a few pictures we took:

Until next time.


2 thoughts on “We picked sunflowers at Goldpetal Farms, and this is what happened.”

    1. Thank you, Andrea. It was so much fun! And so beautiful. We might go back just to take more pics, with a better camera than just the phone, and to have fresh flowers in the house more often since it’s so close to home. I hope they continue to provide this activity each year. It’s a branch off the Maryland location, which we might check out in the future. That location has a maze. Love and kisses to your baby girl. She’s so adorable.

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