A little bit of makeshift sun in our little patch of land

It has now been 6 weeks since we participated in “self-quarantine” to help flatten the COVID-19 growth curve. What have you been doing in your part of the world to keep your sanity?

I have turned to gardening. With the April showers kicking nature in gear, the May flowers should start to bloom, if it hasn’t already. But rain has nothing to do with my garden, as of yet. See, I started germinating seeds indoors.

Utilizing the basics of the basics: tap water, soil from last year’s garden, and mismatched containers. Some of the seeds were from food we ate during this 2020 quarantine, some have been stored for years and forgotten. It really just started off as an experiment. And off goes that ISTP VIrtuoso with her ideas.

Let me show you!

April 9, 2020, the start of something new.

What is thriving


















What did not germinate

As of today, the following did not germinate for me at this first go:

  • Bell peppers (old seed)
  • Jalapeño peppers (old seed)
  • Watermelon (old seed)
  • Globe Tomato (old seed)
  • Okra (old seed)
  • Apple green eggplant (old seed)
  • Sunflower
  • Pear (from fresh fruit)
  • Persimmon (from fresh fruit)
  • Gala Apple (from fresh fruit)

How long did it take to germinate

Keeping every thing constant, the cantaloupe sprouted first, followed by the cherry tomatoes, then the fuji and granny smith apple (simultaneously), then the acorn squash, and cucumber at the rear.

I just let them be. No cover. Stationed by the window. At the mercy of nature’s whim, getting their ray of sun from the East as it filters through the window blinds, when possible. Watering every two days.

  • Cantaloupe = 7 days
  • Cherry tomatoes  = 8 days
  • Fuji/Granny Smith Apple = 10 days
  • Acorn squash = 11 days
  • Cucumber = 14 days

What’s next

Every day, I get up and check out my little garden babies. I soak in the sun these baby plants offer me. I love seeing them grow. I also plan to extend the plants to my parents so they can share in the joy. There were plenty that did not grow and while it makes me sad, it’s nature. So, I will plant more seeds and see if that will generate something more for me to look forward to. I’m just waiting for just a tad bit longer to replace them. I’m sorta hoping it will still grow, I guess.

Used another canned goods, so I planted something new.

I have also tilled the soil of the garden patch that will house these babies more permanently during the following weeks. I am looking forward to harvest and the change from the mundane of indoor living.

I’ve got the hammock set up outside, a birthday gift from last year. I recently bought a fire pit too, hoping to invite the fam outside more. Next month is my birth month and I’m looking to buy sturdier seating arrangements there, under the guise gift. Haha What can I say?! I like practical gifts.

Final Word

6+ weeks stationary is a big ask; but, it is for the greater good. I am hoping it’s helping. I live a pretty simple life, which is probably why it has worked so far. I’ll be honest though, while I do have my groceries delivered these days, I do miss the ability to do them myself and be able to get everything I need in one shopping swoop. Some items are harder to find online than some. Being a fan of Asian food, or rather food in general, items I’m used to eating on a plant-based diet are very hard to find these days. However, it’s such a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. I try not to complain. I just try to focus on the positives: My family is safe and healthy. We have food on the table. We are blessed. 

I hope you are well and keeping safe during this pandemic. I hope that this post has given you a ray of sunshine, just as it continue to give me. Perhaps even spark an idea in you too. My seed to table project is what’s keeping me sane. How do you insert sun in your life?

Hang in there.

Until next time.


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