I tried grocery delivery, and this is what happened. (Part 1)

IT’S DAY 10 of social distancing for us. Aside from perfect weather inspired walks in an open field nearby or mini walks around the neighborhood to walk our GSD, we have been at home for 10 days! To be honest, being at home is no big deal for me, being an introvert. I am 90+% introvert based on the BMTI 16-personality test; however, being cooped up at home does start to pull on my teens, who miss the social interactions with friends. Being at home 24/7 also requires sustenance, and if you are looking for options to get food delivered to your door, there are options. I just tried one for the first time. Read more below. (Not a sponsored post.)
Vegan Pansit made with cabbage and baby carrots I recently bought.

What I did to prepare for COVID-19

Friday the 13th was the last time I stepped foot in a grocery store to stock up on essentials. I don’t know what the stores look like here now, but I’ve seen posts of empty shelves every where on social media. The panic buying is surreal to me! I’ve never experienced anything like it. Even 10 days ago, the toilet paper shelves were already bare in most stores.
I did try to get enough food and soap to get us by for a couple of weeks or so. However, I can not stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, which being on a plant-based diet, makes up the majority of my food. Luckily, with the help of businesses participating in grocery delivery, I can still eat them without stepping foot in any grocery store to purchase them!

Walmart delivers groceries, you guys!

I recently tried Walmart’s online grocery last Friday, March. 20. Now, you may have already known this prior, but I have not ever tried any form of grocery delivery until this first time. I always pride myself in doing things on my own, when I can. Plus, the tip amount is an additional expense I can save on by doing it myself. However, I am opting to have my groceries delivered temporarily during this 2020 pandemic, to help reduce the amount of people out and about in our city that can potentially spread the virus further.
I had to create an account and choose a delivery option. The delivery is not free; but, there are 3 choices: monthly ($13), yearly ($98), and per order. I chose the monthly and was eligible to try the delivery for free for 15 days.

Here’s what I learned from this first time experience:

– There is a $30 minimum purchase.
– Once I added all the items onto my virtual cart, I scheduled a delivery, which varies by delivery area. My items stayed in my cart until I was ready to check out.
– Most of the items have 2 maximum limit.
– I can also edit my order a few hours before the scheduled delivery time, even after I checked out!
– I was supposed to get a delivery notice by text but I got the notification 1 hour after my grocery was already delivered! LOL (No biggie, I’m home anyway.)
– I ordered 34 items, 23 items were successfully delivered to our home.
– Items come in Walmart plastic bags.
– No signing for the delivery, minimal face to face interaction.
– Delivery tip can be added separately online when the grocery is delivered. (Please tip. It really is a luxury to have groceries delivered at this time.)

What I bought.

-3 lb. bag gala apples
-grape tomatoes
-3 lb bag sweet potato
-baked potato chips
-tortilla chips
-tortilla wrap
-sour cream
-motzarella/cheddar string cheese
-organic sugar
-disposable gloves (for pumping gas)
-antibiotic ointment
-fish food (for my aquarium friends)

What I ordered but didn’t get.

– whole frozen turkey (for my GSD)
– bone-in pork chop
– frozen peas
– organic garlic powder
– lactose free  milk
– coconut/almond milk
– orange juice
– storage bins (yes, you can order storage bins with your groceries LOL)
– cranberry juice
– 5 lb bag potato
– clear lawn trash bag (coz I still need to mow the lawn.)
– pita bread

Tips from this first time experience

– Delivery schedules come and go, check every day for possible delivery schedules.
– Opt to “replace with like item”, when possible, just in case the item in your cart is not available during order fulfillment. 
– I had my grocery dropped in the garage, just at the opening. This way, I can still see the items dropped off but far enough from interaction.
– I wiped down all the bags and containers my food came in. I may be a little extra; but, it made me feel better doing so.
– Don’t forget elderly fams. You can order for them and have the items delivered to their door too!

My final take on this first time experience

There are plenty of items available on Walmart online. The ones I mentioned above are what I wanted. I can see that the meat and milk will be a problem for me since I was not able to get them at first go. I am still good with essentials but I would like to have an extra whole turkey for my GSD, if possible, since it takes a few days to thaw. I have just the one I’m thawing right now.
I miss fresh vegetables and fruits and so I’m happy that this is made available to me without having to go to an actual store. Walmart associates, and other grocery store associates, are working extra hard this past weeks. Please be kind and patient.

Final words

There are other food delivery companies I am looking into and will share my experiences with you as I experience them to help you minimize your outings for essentials too. #flattenthecurve When possible, have your food delivered. I hope that you are well and safe and with your loved ones. What grocery delivery companies have you tried?
Until next time.
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