The act of learning renews for another year

Good 3rd Monday morning of the year! No school today, so I am up early with my cup of coffee this morning with not much to do, while the kids are still in bed. Looking to do something productive, I signed up for a free account, with a base goal of improving my vocabulary, no hidden agenda. English is my second-language, and while I consider myself sufficiently versed in the language to carry a conversation or two, there’s plenty of room for improvement. So, two hours later, much without notice, I find myself still enjoying my shiny, new “toy”, creating new brain pathways, and all the better for it, if I may add.


The act of learning is something we do every day

I have read articles about how a person can make 35,000 decisions a day! That is surreal to me! We make a decision about how we choose to live our lives, every few seconds of the day. Personally, I’m not sure if my personal best reaches up to that 35K level. Still, I make my fair share of decisions throughout the day, and I’m hoping that I’m making better decisions as I learn and progress through life.

A few random info I learned from my decisions this week

  • UPS charges a fee to access a forwarded emailed shipping label from customers on their network! It cost me $3 to have them do this for me, because I didn’t want to drive back home to print the label myself, then an extra fee to print the actual label.
  • VA lottery actually has operating hours. Our 7-11 does not sell them until 6 am. My husband and I were awake early one weekend morning, and yep. Hehe
  • Fitbit Blaze has a Relax Mode. For a few minutes throughout the day, it takes me through a deep inhale/exhale breathing process. (Pardon me for not reading the manual. Haha) 
  • Super glueing metal to a silicone Fitbit band is a temporary fix. Don’t think I haven’t tried DIYing this repair to save money. Haha I really need to just buy a new Fitbit band. 

What else is on my learning agenda:

I put a stall on my language acquisition towards the end of 2019; but, I will also restart it. Current language on cue is Spanish. Japanese is next. I’m using the Mango Language learning platform to study Spanish, which I got for free – courtesy of the military. A membership usually cost $199.99. I access it on my phone for easier accessibility on the go.

If you want to learn more how to get Mango Language for free, check my post here. (Not a sponsored)

And lastly, learning to walk so I can run!

In a few minutes, I will be prying myself off this very comfortable couch, under this cozy warm blanket, and setting myself for an interval walk/run exercise on my treadmill. The weather outside is a little harsh for my liking, and I didn’t want to bundle up to brave the cold. So, I’m staying indoors for now, where I can wear proper, and comfortable, fitness shorts and tank top gear! My current goal is to run 3 miles, which I have been able to do in the past, but got lazy and believed in a multitude of excuses after the summer months went by. Truth be told, I got busy with the start of school, long-term visitors, parties…life, but really, who doesn’t?! If I want to optimize my heath, I just have to carve time.

So, last week, finally recovered from the holiday past, I have restarted the fitness journey.  I deliberately missed the New Year’s fitness resolution bandwagon, because I simply needed mindful rest. There’s no expiration date on health and fitness. Do it when it feels right.

If you need some assist on how to get started with running, check out my post on a free app called C25K here. No one should have to break his or her bank just to get back in shape. This app really helped me get started with running. As always, please listen to your body when you start any fitness journey. When in doubt, ask your doctor.

And if you aren’t following me on Instagram yet, my new, shiny fitness toy is a mini resistance band kit, which I got on clearance for $4 at TJMaxx, 3 different resistance levels.


I love it! I especially love how very portable it is. It can fit in my pocket! At this point, there really are no excuses left. haha There are plenty of videos on YouTube how to get started with these, if interested.

Final words

So, that is my status as of today. I have had 3 blood works done at three different occasions to monitor for possible diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, my hyperthyroid, and so many other unseen, unforeseen, forces at work. I have seen my PCM, Oncologist, Endocronologist, and had my flu vaccine. And it’s only January 20, 2020. I’m due for pneumo vaccine, a mammo, seeing a Dermatologist for a Blue Nevi referral, and a sit down with a Geneticist! Also, colonoscopy screening age is now down at 45 years old, younger for people with family history of colorectal cancer. My PCM is on top of this. Find you PCM that cares a whole lot about you.

One thing I miss, is not paying co-pay for all this medical appointments. Now that we have retired from the military, there are so many co-pays we have to compensate for in our budget. Regardless of the new medical expenditures, let’s face it, the older the more ailments, please remain vigilant about your health and fitness status, as much as possible. Continue to learn about your body. 

My health fitness quest is never ending. Every day I have to put the work to optimize my health. There are days I just lay in bed for a bit before starting my to-do list(s), that’s okay. Mental strength needs love too. So, don’t feel guilty taking some time off. EachMy goal is to burn more than I eat, eat my veggies, basically, to a point I feel I have done enough for my well-being. As a food lover, of carbs especially, it is extra trying for me to accomplish this. I eat whatever I want; but, I know enough that I have to counter it.

Every day I try.

Every day I am learning.

Every day I am a work in progress.

The act of learning should never cease.

Until next time.


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  1. Those are some interesting facts about the things you discovered that way, I never understand UPS and the way they work with charging for labels / shipping and anything else regarding those things haha. Wow I wish you luck with finishing your Spanish studies, I really want to learn Japanese and used to teach myself in high school how to write hiragana / katakana and learn basic phrases in Japanese, but it stopped and I never got to pick it up again. I’d love to resume it but who knows when that will happen. All the best with the 3mi run as well! I can’t even run 1 mile in decent time … I really should though, but cardio is just so hard to get into! Loved reading your post Daisy, thank you for sharing. 🙂

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