Virtuoso ISTP: not mean, just misunderstood.

Part of self-care is knowing who you are and what your capabilities are, and then embracing it, uniqueness and all. Knowing yourself allows you to better assist yourself and others when the need arises. How well do you know yourself? Are you willing to learn more? I took the free Myers-Briggs personality test, and I now have another label to distinguish myself from others. Haha Virtuoso ISTP (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) is one of the 16 personality types describes by Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I am impressed at how accurate the personality epitomizes my personality traits. Or, is it similar to zodiac sign traits where if it says enough, some things are bound to be right? After four decades of life, I’d like to think that I’ve got a good grasp of who I am. Still, I support knowledge, in different mediums, and what else it can impart to help me understand myself better, as well as others.

According to the MBA Institute, Virtuoso ISTP comprises 5% of the world’s population. It is the 4th rarest type of personality among women, according to

How accurate is the personality test?

Well, nothing is ever really a hundred percent. It’s interesting nonetheless to see branches of personality traits come out based on a few candidly answered questions. In general, Virtuosos are all about the realistic and practical application of any knowledge learned. They are action, tangible, and immediate result – oriented doers and makers. To move a Virtuoso into effect, a practical application for their time and effort must be present. This persona is often mistakenly identified analogous to laziness. Haha, Let’s be real, who really wants to waste their time, purposely? 

Virtuoso child

At school, as a kid, students were separated during an elective hour. The boys went gardening, did carpentry, and whatever else boys are supposed to do, under the guise Shop. The girls did things like sewing and cooking, and whatever else girls were supposed to do, under Home Economics. I hated the unfairness of it! I’d watch the boys scamper off to another building in a single file. I’d imagine them having fun building things, tinkering with some cool gadget I never got to use myself. All the while, I was secretly hoping that the girls would be allowed to participate at least once during the school year to learn how to generate electricity and the likes. I just never understood why girls and boys couldn’t do the same things, based on preference. But those were the days, decades ago. I am hoping it is no longer that way.

Tinker Bells of the world

The MBTI calls Virtuoso ISTP “Makers,” or according to Truity ” The Craftsman.” People who possess a virtuoso persona love to build and improve things. They do not mind putting the effort and getting their hands dirty, providing they are in working towards a practical and foreseeable end goal.

Pairing my Virtuoso ISTP characteristics with a Taurean Earth sign, I am most definitely in the wheel of practicality and staying grounded.

Earth signs are also known as the builders of the zodiac signs and are very resourceful.

It’s all fascinating how it all fits together that way.

Just the facts, ma’am

As a Virtuoso personality type, one of the complications I run into is my inclination to solve things. When family and friends vent out to me, I look at things logically and culminate a plan to resolve the issue immediately. However, some just want to be listened to and vent out their frustration. They don’t, initially, literally, inexplicably, want to hear solutions to their problems, particularly.

While I am capable of sitting it out and radiate warmth, my head is already rummaging for ideas on how to repair the issue in question. It’s not that I’m not listening. On the contrary, I am very much so. It’s just that I tend to look for the core of the problem, which is sometimes embedded beyond layers of emotional frustration. Give me  “just the facts, ma’am.”

Venting out to a soundboard is well and good and all, but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem. So, while I may seem emotionally detached and cold, at times, I am actually looking for ways to help resolve the issue at hand. Ultimately, isn’t that what’s best?

Don’t ask questions you are not ready to receive the answer to

When asked a question, I answer honestly, to a fault, unless, of course, I am not entirely comfortable in giving it. I am after all an Introvert. I truly believe nothing is made better without constructive criticism, especially when asked. Admittedly, the sharpness of my tongue has gotten dull since becoming a parent, due to something called supportive parenting. Haha, I do endeavor not to dull anybody’s spark, and I offer constructive feedback not to bring anyone down but for the purpose of improvement. Isn’t honesty still the best policy?! Reciprocity of the deed is also warranted. Nothing irks me more than when I ask a question and I get the run around!

Virtuoso and Taurus both own a stubborn persona and it’s hard to move one without facts and solid evidences.

Other Virtuoso Characteristics

  • Independent
  • Lives in the present
  • Enjoys new experiences
  • Needs the freedom to work at his/her own pace
  • Dislike strict routines and long-term commitments

Virtuoso Careers

To name a few listed off the Very Well Mind website:

  • Engineer
  • Forensic Science
  • Computer Programming
  • Scientist
  • Video Game Designer
  • Fire Fighter

Other Virtuoso ISTP

To name a few posted on the MBA Institute website: 

  • Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple
  • Jack Dorsey – Founder of Twitter
  • Dalai Lama XIV – Head of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Clint Eastwood – Actor and Filmmaker
  • Amelia Earhart – Aviator

I’m not saying I fall in line with these great people, if ever, just that it’s great to see a face to the potential success of a Virtuoso ISTP persona. 

The best benefit of being a Virtuoso?

It looks like I may survive the zombie apocalypse owning to an observant (66%) tactician (81%) resolved, resourceful and capable of adjusting based on the present situation. Good to know. haha

Reaching to Julia Tuttle heights.

Final words

Under the free Myers-Brigg personality test, I rang 90+% introverted. Any more than that and I’d be a recluse. I’ve always been socially awkward to this day. Being so high up in the introvert scale necessitates I get an ample amount of time and space from others, especially after a busy schedule. True to my Virtuoso personality, I continue to read about what exactly is a Virtuoso ISTP. I want to know just how exact it is.

Have you taken the Briggs-Myers Personality Type Indicator test? What are your results?

Until next time.


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