Annual family summer vacation finalized for 2019

Annual Family Summer Vacation. Yeah, that’s a thing now for my fam. It started 2018 when we booked a summer home in Corolla, NC  by the beach and now it’s our thing. Haha. Can’t say I’m not happy; although, it can get pretty pricey. I’m awake at 2 am this morning. I sort of took a “nap” – ergo, passed out – when I got home last night because yesterday was a really busy day for me. I’m sure the upcoming summer vacation trip has also got me excited just a tad too. It was planned and finalized within 24 hours! Try as I might to fall back to sleep, I can’t and so I’m here writing a post.

Jammed packed Thursday

Exercise: Aside from my usual daily school morning routine, I mowed and trimmed the lawn, well just the front. I would have had more time but hubby and I made an unplanned trip to the VA outpatient clinic to inquire more about retired military benefits and care options at a Virginia Beach branch – which is closer than going to Norfolk or Hampton. We are learning so much about the process of retiring from the military. A future series of posts about military retirement will start soon. Lots of runarounds, miscommunications, stagnant paperworks….it can be a headache. Diligence and patience are key. Watch for this series.

Outing: I had my first experience with a Dolby theater. I have been missing out! Seriously, such an awesome experience, especially for an action movie like John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum. I do love the John Wick franchise and have been looking forward to seeing it. Watching movie fight scenes is one of my thing. I know it takes a lot of work to get the dance perfected. This movie did not disappoint. Not going to lie, I was jealous at seeing the potential of my GSD in the movie. haha Wow, those dogs are wicked amazing! Other fave characters, aside from the main, were Shinobi #1 and #2. What a hoot! They were such a fan of John.

As a bonus, I also redeemed my free birthday freebie: large popcorn.


Late Lunch: Stopped by mom’s, after picking up one of my teen from school and taking our GSD out for a break, to finalize our summer vacation trip which I had to make a quick decision about. I didn’t realize I was having a big vacation planned out for this year until yesterday. We were planning on going to Orlando. Mom just happened to have vegan pansit, chicken adobo, and fresh mangoes to feed us. To make the decision easier for my sister and I, we are only paying for half of the expenses! Mom jokes it’s part of our inheritance. She’s actively spending the money with us instead and leaving just enough for funeral expenses. Yeah, when did mom get to be so cool?  haha

More errands: Picked up another teen from after school and took my injured sister, who can’t drive currently, home before heading home again. Fed our GSD, got ready, and out the door again we went for an evening school symphonic concert my teen is part of. We got food on the way. It ended at 9. We didn’t get home until 9:30. I was tired. changed, was going to do homework with my teen, sat on the sofa, passed out, and woke up at 2 am the next day. Yeah, that’s what happened when you’re old like me. Haha.

Family Trip Planned for 2019

We are going on our very first Cruise! Very first for us, not for my mom and step-dad, who will be guiding us through all of this 5-night Bahamas cruise experience. I’m so excited!

Since we will be flying to Miami for this, we are also staying a couple of night there to see the city. It will also be our first time in Miami, for hubby and I and teens, not for the rest of our party. I better start brushing up on my Spanish. (Es verdad. Estoy muy emocionada!) 


What I’ll be doing to prepare for the trip?

  • Make sure our passports are good to go.
  • Work with a fitness trainer to get me acquainted with properly using the gym equipments to help tone my body up starting Tuesday next week because doing it myself at home is no longer enough. I just need a one-on-one guidance on what to do. It was an unrelated decision until we finalized a vacation trip yesterday. I will definitely try to tone up my abs to finally tan that area too. If this is not motivation enough, I don’t know what is.
  • Research Miami and more about the Bahamas cruise. Do you have suggestions from your past experiences? Do share.
  • Purchase at least another luggage, preferably budget-friendly. I got some time to shop around. We don’t really fly often so we don’t have airline-friendly sized luggage for everyone in our family. I still have the large ones that probably won’t pass the check-in process now but it did during our many military relocations when 100 lb luggage were still accepted. Haha.
  • And of course, it goes without saying, I need to save up for unexpected but related trip expenses.
  • Many will agree: get travel insurance for both flight and cruise.

Final Words

I’m usually pretty good with catching sleep but no luck right now. So, what did I do? I started reading my emails. Then, I found out that there’s a spend $25 get $10 off promotion at Kohl’s and I started looking at the sales because I need at least one more luggage to use for our trip. When I got bored with that, ergo I didn’t find any good deals on those particularly, I tried to go back to sleep. When that didn’t happen, I started writing. And now I have done a complete post before my first cup of coffee, or tea. I have been awake for 3+ hours. What will the rest of the day entail? Good morning!

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Annual family summer vacation finalized for 2019”

  1. I think you are going to need a nap before lunch! 🙂

    As soon as our house is paid off in about 2 years, we are going to take a family vacation. Hubby has mentioned a cruise, but we haven’t settled on anything yet (of course). There is still time to plan.

    I hope you guys have so much fun!!

    1. Yes! TGIF for real! Atleast there’s no homework to worry about for the next day. Some people dread another day of work. I dread another day of homework about things long forgotten. Haha. Cruise sounds fun! I hope you guys get to experience it too. Amazing job on nearly paying off your house! Thank you for stopping by. Now, for a nap?!

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