Summer youth fitness on a budget

So, I did it! I signed up for a Fitness Trainer today at a local gym to move to the next tier of my fitness journey. As a birthday gift to myself, I wanted to start seeing a fitness trainer so that I can finally shed the last remaining pounds of fat that’s been bothering me since giving birth to my firstborn. I am looking to tone up but not bulk up. I just want to feel better about my body and I haven’t truly been in quite a long time, enough to sport a two-piece bathing suit. I used to. We all have our personal perspective of what fit means. So, I’m taking steps to get me closer to mine.

My training starts next week.

Yes, I could have started this week too; but, I need just a few days to mentally prepare myself for it. I will tell you more about it once I finally experienced it so you can determine if this is another opportunity for you as well to take advantage of. P.S. It’s free. Stay tuned.


Free Fitness For Teens

We are definitely signing up for this: Teens 15-18 years of age can now work out for free at Planet Fitness at any of its 1800 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada all summer long up to September 1! Teens <18 y.o must have their parents sign them up but the parents need not be there after the waiver has been signed. Online registration is not available for this program. Read more about it here

As a bonus, teens who participate are entered in the Planet Fitness’ Scholarship Sweepstakes. 1 $500 scholarship will be granted per state and 1 $5,000 grand prize winner in U.S. and Canada each.

Rockwell Hall Fitness Center also allows military beneficiaries 12+ to utilize the gym equipments for free, except for the weight room.

Flight Line Fitness Center also allows military beneficiaries 13+ to utilize the gym.



In addition, I have also registered my kids for youth sports summer camp.

– per their request, of course. They get to experience it with their cousins as well, so they’re not starting off not knowing anybody – not that you need to know anyone to join. The more the merrier. This is a great opportunity to have them meet new people outside of their school as well.

A few links to help infuse fitness this 2019 summer vacation in Hampton Roads.

**Click on name to go directly to the website for more info.

City of Virginia Beach Rec Center5-Day Basketball Clinic for ages 6-12 is $115; 5-Day Junior Golf Clinic for ages 8-12 is $129; 5-Day Lil Lacrosse for ages 5-8 is $115; 5-Day Tennis Camp for ages 7-14 is $115.

There are other camps available that does not focus on sports, including a volunteer camp.

Little Creek Base Youth Sport:  Flag Football from August 26 – November 2 $60 per child; Cheerleading from August 26 – November 2 $60/child.

*Register at JEB Little Creek Forth Story Youth Center located at  3085 Seascape Ct., Virginia Beach, VA. 23459. Registration Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. 757-462-8718 • 757-422-7714. Email:

Oceana Military Base: offers Floor Hockey from June 17-July 19 for $15; Track & Field from August 6-17 for $15; Flag Football from August 26-November 9. (Soccer and Baseball are also available- but out of season) Ages 5-18 y.o. 

*Register at the Youth Sports Complex, Monday – Thursday from noon – 6 p.m.757-433-2199

Oceana Base Taekwondo – Classes are held every Tuesdays and Thursdays and at $45/month. Additional discount per additional child.  Ages 4 to Adult and Beginners to the Advance level available.

Owl Creek Tennis Center:  5-Day Outdoors Lessons are $112-$140 and 5-Day Indoor Lessons are $140-$175. Ages 4 to 17 y.o.

Virginia Beach Field House: offers camps for Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. Price ranges from $45 – $345, depending on which you camp you choose. Ages 6-18 y.o.

YMCA Youth Sport – offers Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Golf, and Peewee Sports. Registration fee is $70 for members and $95 for non-members, plus an additional $10 for a jersey. Teens meet twice a week, one for practice and one for a game. Ages 5-7, 7-9, 9-11, 11-14. (Link and quoted prices are for Hampton Roads. Click here to find more about your local YMCA. Prices may differ per location.)

Free Military Child/Family Activities.

NavyMWR Mid-Atlantic Region post free activities at Little Creek and Fort Story (JEBLCFS), Naval Station Norfolk (NAVSTA), Oceana and Dam Neck (NASO/DN), Portsmouth (NSA HR), Norfolk Naval Ship Yard (NNSY), and Yorktown (NWSY/CAX/HH) military bases. (ie. Color Run, STEM Challenge, Luncheons, Nights of Craft, Lego League, etc.)

And of course, the obvious and best way to sneak in fitness for free.

Let’s not forget that bringing friends together is a great opportunity to get the kids, and adults, active for free! So send those texts, start a Facebook chat, send evites, and go back and forth until the date gets set. It’s doesn’t have to be at someone’s home.

Pack a picnic basket and meet at the park, or the beach. Virginia Beach parks have sports gear – such as volleyballs, soccer ball, horse shoe, corn hole and bags, and others – available for free, with government issued identification. Mount Trashmore, in particular, has a skateboard ramp, and a giant kids playground. Not sure what your local park offers? Go and check it out.

Final Words

Though the list above is not extensive, it should at least give you some ideas what and where to look for. I try to take advantage of the free activities offered in the military bases when I can. I’ve watched Avengers 1 in the past, for free, before it played at off-base theaters. That was pretty cool. So, if you have some military connection and can get access, don’t forget to check what activities are offered at your local military installations. Most of it is posted online.

We’ve done our share of relocations during our 20 years of military service, and I can honestly say that the military offers so much support for those so far from home. Take advantage of it.

Admittedly, my kids are not as interested in competitive sports. We do a lot of outdoor activities throughout the summer vacation, usually at my insistence to get them off their electronic gadgets. haha. My sister calls me a “rolling stone” because I really do enjoy being out and about. Now, we will see how summer sports camps will fair with my teens and determine if there will be a repeat next year.

Until next time.


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