Birthday Freebies: Year 2. Wow, I really scored!

As a birthday gift to myself last year, I bought myself a personal creative space on the net, this blog. A year later, I’m still writing. My very 1st post on the blog was about businesses that offer birthday freebies. Check my original post here. I thought it fitting to create another post about birthday freebies, especially since I got pretty amazing deals today when I finally redeemed some of them at the mall. As a bonus, I completed 3 miles of walking without realizing it. Yay!

My day started off with:

a free birthday pastry from Panera Bread. As a bonus, I happened to have an extra reward on my account: free coffee. From what I was told, there are no vegan-friendly pastries at Panera Bread but I got a cinnamon crunch bagel anyway for my teen. The free coffee was a welcomed company during my shopping spree. Haha. Read more about it below.


I stopped by the mall because:

I needed to pick up the shoes I ordered online when Macy’s was having a flash sale on shoes last Monday, 5/13. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes that are desperately needed. My total out of pocket was $28.76. My teen has overly worn my black flats to the point that it’s starting to have holes and is asking for another one. That’s right! I said “my black flats”. We are now the same size. I don’t mind sharing because it saves me from buying two separate shoes. I can at least save on clothing expenses doing so.

BTW, I also received an additional $4.07 cashback from Rakuten on this purchase. Formerly known as Ebates. Here’s my referral link if you haven’t started using this site to save on your online purchases. My total purchase went down to $24.69/2 shoes.



After the Macy’s pick-up:

I went to Hot Topic to redeem my $5 off $5 birthday gift and bought a Wet brush and Cosmic Beauty eyelash curler – coz my teen stole mine – for $0.85 out of pocket for both! I love a good deal. They were having a Buy 1 Get One for $1 promotion on sale items with green tags, plus military discount.



I stopped by Sephora to get my birthday freebie. I had two to choose from. I figured, an eyeliner was more useful than a face wash, which I currently have plenty of.


I was also tempted to get a free mini facial since there were no customers there yet but decided not to. Next time.

And since I’m at the mall already:

I redeemed a freebie at Bath and Body Works. I got a coupon in the mail for a free item up to $13. I bought lotion. It’s a new scent for me.


I also stopped by JCPenney to check out the deals, while also accruing steps, and:

found a black strapless dress for an 18th birthday party I’m attending this summer for $5.18! Regular price $69. Clearance items with a pink tag come with an additional 50% off.


Outside of the mall:

I stopped by Ulta Beauty and got my birthday freebie.



I stopped at Rack Room Shoes with my teen after I picked her up from the bus stop. I have a $10 off $10 purchase birthday freebie. My teen fell in love with these cute wedge shoes because it’s going to look amazing with this white dress she’s been eyeing. Yes, I know too well what happens when I take my kids shopping with me. Haha. She’s old enough to work a summer job and we will definitely give that a go this year. She used her own money to buy hers. Mine are the Crocs for beach wear. It’s so comfortable!

We shared the $10 coupon and combined it with the current B1G1 1/2 off promotion. Total on this purchase is $55.10. Yes, I paid more than the $10. Without the wedge shoes, my Crocs would have been $14.  (FYI: Rack Room Shoes offers military discounts on Tuesdays.)



Other birthday gifts not included on my initial Birthday Freebies post:

(I have also not redeemed these.)

  • AMC Theaters: free large popcorn
  • Best Buy: 10% off select item
  • Champs: $10 off $50 or $25 off $100
  • Claire’s: 25% off purchase
  • Macy’s: $10 off $30 purchase with a Macy’s credit card
  • Papa John’s: free birthday cookie (cookie cake on their side menu)
  • Regal Cinemas: free small popcorn
  • Rite Aid: 25% off purchase
  • Sperry: 15% off $75 purchase
  • Victoria’s Secret: $15 off $15 purchase with a VS credit card
  • Walgreen’s: 10% back in everyday points on eligible items

Final Words

The total stops for today’s bargain hunting? 3 shopping centers: Panera Bread, Mall, and a Shopping Center. All close by and on the same route because gas is a pretty high variable expense for us too. So I try to maximize my driving when I can. Summer is definitely going to burn additional gas expense. 

My list is definitely not exhaustive of all the birthday freebies that are available out there but these are the ones I have tried and tested myself. I may also be redeeming the free popcorn at AMC next week. My sis just asked me if I wanted to watch John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum with her. I love getting a good deal and I try to match the freebies with promotional sales when I can to maximize the savings, especially if I’m already going to buy it anyway.

Walking/Window Shopping is one of my fave past time. It beats sitting down binging on Netflix while I overindulge in snacks readily available at home. Oh, I have definitely done that too many times!!! We all have our ways of savings on “essentials”, as well as fitting in our fitness. Every movement counts. What are additional ways you utilize to save on clothing expenses?

Until next time.


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    1. I agree, Nicole. My fave is the dress too. And now that we will be going on a cruise for our summer vacay, I will need to replicate this amazing find and search for another cocktail dress for a dress up night ❤️ Sign up for some free rewards acct so you can also take advantage of a shopping spree!

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