Bioelectrical Impedance Digital Scale, are they worth it? (20 days and counting.)

I have made it another 10 days since Lenten Season began and I am near the halfway mark of my Lent fasting. Every year, I look at Lent as another opportunity to improve myself and this year, I have given up processed sweets and introduced Low-Impact HIIT workouts, which started 20 days ago. I’m usually good at succeeding on these temporary fasting because I know it only lasts 46 days. And I usually lose weight as a result of my fasting, which I love. I’m not going to lie, exercising 6 of the 7 days of the week is tiring! At 40+ years of age and getting back on track with my fitness, it is a lot of work. On some days my energy level is lower than I’d like and exercising becomes even more trying; but, I’m doing it as a promise to myself. 26 more days to go! What have my past 10 days been like on free home workouts? Read more below.

My Ultimate Goal

As I have mentioned at the beginning of this Lent Challenge, I want to decrease my fat percentage and increase my muscle percentage. No longer am I looking at my weight or BMI calculation as a go by of how healthy I am because as muscle is heavier than fat, naturally, I either will gain weight or stay the same weight, depending on my food intake.

I also want to lose weight and/or tone up at minimal cost, if not free.

How I calculate my Fat and Muscle Percentage

I am using a weighing scale that calculates my body’s fat and muscle percentages. How accurate it is, one will never know for sure because my sister’s weighing scale calculated my measurements at a much lower percentage. But for all intent and purposes, I will continue using my own because it’s more convenient.

Eventually, I will walk into a gym and have a fitness coach properly calculate my measurements. I’m not ready for a wake-up call yet! Haha

Measurement Update

Still the same as in the beginning. My weighing scale is either messing with me or I’m not losing any fat.

What I’ve been doing to decrease fat and increase muscle

*** I try to do the exercises all in one session when possible.

  1. Monday = 59 minutes Total
    • 30 minutes run
    • 7 mins. Tabata Workout (49 cal)
    • 17 mins. Asana Yoga Workout (136 cal)
    • 1 min. Spider Plank
    • 1 min. Plank
    • 1 min. ea. Left/Right Donkey Kick
    • 1 min. Bridge Thrust Hold
  2. Tuesday = 53 minutes Total
  3. Wednesday = 60 minutes Total
    • 38 mins. Run (3 miles)
    • 1 min. Spider Plank
    • 1 min. Plank
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Donkey Kick
    • 1 min. Bridge Thurst
    • 1 min. Half Push-Ups
    • 1 min. Hanging Knee Bent Lifts
    • 7 min. Tabata Workout (49 cal)
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Side Leg Lift
    • 6 min. Stretching
  4. Thursday = 59 minutes Total
    • 16 mins. HIIT Workout by The Body Coach
    • 20 mins. Angel Butt Workout (65 cal)
    • 7 mins. Arm Workout by Blogilates
    • 7 mins. Abs Workout (42 cal)
    • 1 min. Shoulder Tap Plank
    • 1 min. Hip Dip Plank
    • 1 min. Tricep Dip
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Side Leg Lift
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Donkey Kick
    • 1 min. Downward Dog
    • 1 min Cow/Cat Pose
  5. Friday = 71 minutes Total
  6. Saturday = 20.5 minutes Total 
  7. Sunday = Rest Day
  8. Monday = 55 minutes Total (94 oz. of water)
    • 38 mins. Run (3 miles)
    • 1 min. Tricep Dip
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Lunge
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Curtsey Lunge
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Ankle Rotation
    • 1 min. Elevated Push-up
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Knee Cross Plank
    • 1 min. Hip Dip Plank
    • 1 min. Spiderman Plank
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Lizard Pose
    • 1 min. Downward Dog
    • 1 min. Baby Pose
    • 1 min. Cow/Cat Pose
  9. Tuesday = 51 minutes Total  (86 oz. of Water)
  10. Wednesday = 60 minutes Total (60 oz of water)
    • 50 mins. Run (4 miles)
    • 1 min. Tricep Dip
    • 1 min. Upward Dog
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Lizard Pose
    • 1 min. Downward Dog
    • 1 min. Cow/Cat Pose
    • 1 min. Baby Pose
    • 1 min. ea. L/R Side Plank
    • 1 min. Plank

What I did differently this week

  • Halfway thru the week, I started monitoring my water intake, which I noted
  • I also tried 3 different exercise videos to add to my regimen: (These are unsponsored, meaning I don’t get anything for sharing it.)
    • 7 min. Arm Workout by Blogilates
    • 6 min. Dancer Abs Workout by Well+Good
    • 5 min. Plank Challenge by Joanna Soh
  • On my last run, I increased my run from 3 mile goal to 4 mile goal

What I have learned so far during my Personal Fitness Quest

*These are true for me based on how my fitness quest has been since December

  • Running 3 miles 3x a week is not enough to tone my body.
  • Doing one 7 min app workouts daily is not enough to tone my body.
  • 10K daily steps are not enough to tone my body.
  • Walking my GSD daily is not enough to tone my body (He’s turning 4 years old next month!)
  • Exercising 6 of the 7 weeks is tough and if I plan my regimen better, I should be able to give myself 2 days rest per week. I’m learning.
  • My current workouts focus too much on the lower extremities. I need to create a better workout regimen that’s more balanced to give my body more rest. There’s a lot of stress on my quads currently. I want to do more upper body exercises.
  • I have read that running a longer distance will help increase my running pace. So, I am aiming for 5 miles and go from there and started running 4 miles on my last run.

Workout Tips

  • Keep water handy to decrease pausing workouts.
  • Some of the workouts will require a yoga mat.
  • Have a towel handy. Face lotion with SPF is painful to the eye.
  • Create a workout regimen ahead of time either on paper or on your phone and follow through, rather than winging the workout. When it is planned, the chances of completing increases. This is why workout apps or videos work for me. All I have to do is follow without overthinking it. I just use my phone to create my workout regimen for the week. I love seeing all the things I’ve accomplished in the day.
  • There are plenty of free exercise apps and/or exercise videos on to maximize the savings.
  • When you need to rest or stop, please do. Listen to your body. 

Be advised that I am not a fitness expert. The workout I mentioned above is what my own body can tolerate. 

Please consult with your doctor first before starting a workout regimen as a precaution. Better to be careful than sorry.

I rather have the option to exercise every day, however slowly, than do one intense workout day and be injured the rest of the week and do none more.

Final Words

Looking back this past 10 days, I really did up the ante on my workouts and I am feeling it. I’ve accomplished a lot and I feel good about that. There’s definitely room to grow and improve upon. I will look into each one just a little bit more this next 10 days and see how I can achieve better results. It’s definitely disheartening that I’m not registering any fat percent difference on my weighing; but, I’m continuing on and maybe the next 10 days will show better results. I am looking forward to what the next 10 days will entail and I hope you are too. I’d like to hear about your fitness journey too if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Please comment and share below so I can read about it.

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Bioelectrical Impedance Digital Scale, are they worth it? (20 days and counting.)”

  1. I notice you train everyday, how is this working for you? For me this leads to fatigue so that I feel I can’t train as intense as I would want to. So I train 3 times a week or every other day tops. This is already heavy but I feel as if it has more impact than training more often – as strange as this may sound 😉

    1. Currently, I’m doing 6 days of the 7. And having done this for 30 days now, approx. 1 hour each day, I feel I should have 2 rest days broken thru the week because you are right, it’s tiring. I will just have to be smarter what types of exercise I do. I’m learning as I go and adjust from what I learn about my body. Definitely some research involved in this. But seeing as I have not really restricted my food intake, exercise alone is not enough. At some point I have to control my calorie intake too – which I dread and been putting off.

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