Relax-mode binge-watching tagalog movies on Netflix

There are days when I just want to do nothing but read books or binge-watch movies. It’s a way for me to give my mind, body, and soul a breather and relax for free or for minimal cost. Borrowing books from the library is certainly a great opportunity to save on books and movies; however, the Asian movie selection is limited in our local library. Last year, we cut off the cable bill by getting rid of our cable subscription and replaced it with a Netflix subscription to save. I have a special interest in Asian movies because I rarely get to watch them here in movie theaters. Below, you will find a list of Tagalog movies currently available on Netflix. One of the reasons I enjoy Netflix is that I now have access to movies I would not normally do, especially on such a budget-friendly price. It just costs us $9.99/month. And no, this is not a Netflix advertisement nor is it a Netflix sponsored post. As a plus, my kids and I get exposure to different languages: French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Chinese, among others of interest, to harness our foreign language listening comprehension.

Here are the current Filipino movies on Netflix that I have watched and enjoyed:

*Available on Netflix as of March 23, 2019, with English Subtitle

  • Everyday I love You (2015: Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano)  
  • Everything About Her (Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin) 
  • Finally Found Someone (Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd) 
  • Heneral Luna (2015: John Arcilla) 

Other Asian Movies/Shows I enjoyed during my binge-watching days:

*Available on Netflix as of March 23, 2019, with English subtitle

  • Memories of the Alhambra (2018, Korean)
  • Mr. Sunshine (2018, Korean)
  • Something in the Rain (2018, Korean)
  • Train to Busan (2016, Korean)

The Tagalog movies started showing up over time when I started watching one by searching. It helps knowing what to look for. I certainly am not keeping up with what movies came out so I rely on my home feed. Unfortunately, my feed does not show all the movies/shows available. Each Netflix Home Screen feed is different. If your feed does not currently show Filipino movie selections,

Here’s a list of other Filipino movies currently available on Netflix:

*Available as of March 23, 2019, with English subtitle)

  • All of You (2017)
  • A Love Story (2007)
  • Amo (2017)
  • Ang Tanging Ina (2008)
  • Ang Tanging Ina (2013)
  • A Second Chance (2015)
  • Barcelona (2016)
  • Beauty and the Bestie (2015)
  • Birdshot (2016)
  • Bride for Rent (2014)
  • Buy Bust (2018)
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love (2017)
  • Caregiver (2008)
  • Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013)
  • Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy (2013)
  • Goyo (2018)
  • It Takes a Man and a Woman (2013)
  • Kid Kulafu (2015)
  • Kita Kita (2017)
  • My Ex and Whys (2017)
  • No Other Woman (2011)
  • Praybeyt Benjamin (2014)
  • Seven Sunday (2017)
  • She’s Dating the Gangster (2014)
  • Sisterakas (2012)
  • Starting Over Again (2014)
  • The Breakup Playlist (2015)
  • The Mistress (2012)
  • The Love Affair (2015)
  • The Super Parental Guardians (2016)
  • That Thing Called Tadhana (2015)
  • The Unmarried Wife (2016)
  • You Changed My Life (2009)
  • You’re My Boss (2015)

Final Words

Everybody has his or her form of relaxation. For some, getting a massage sounds like a perfect way to relax. I personally don’t enjoy getting massages. My relaxation method is reading books or watching movies. It is important to take care of your body by giving it a breather from strenuous activities, mental or physical. It allows the body to heal and strengthen. Now that I’m exercising 6 days of the 7 days of the week for my Lent challenge, I need the break. The older I get the more rest my body requires. My family’s activities certainly keep me busy on top of my extra fitness activities. There’s a downside to starting a family later in life. While the kids’ body are in its prime and works on minimal sleep, my body in comparison decreases in energy each year I get older. Self-care is very important for a body’s overall well being. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to give yourself a break and indulge in your chosen relaxation method.

Until next time.


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