Fitter Body and Better Mindset by end of Lenten Season

Lenten Season began yesterday – March 6, and will end on April 20 this year. Do you participate? I usually do because I think it’s a great opportunity to create better habits. Lent Fasting is traditionally 46 days but some include Sunday “cheat days” and thus for those that do, it only last 40 days. I do the whole 46 days. I’m usually pretty successful with Lent Fasting because I know there is a finish line in just a few weeks – it’s temporary! Traditionally, people are supposed to give up eating meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and every Friday during the Lenten Season. Because I’m vegan, I already don’t eat meat. So, for this year, I am giving up processed sweets and junk food. If you have been following my blog or my Insta account, you know that I love food and that I have a giant sweet tooth, which I have no problem satiating. Sweets are my weakness and so giving it up is a bit of a sacrifice for me, which is why I chose to give it up.

In replace of the food I’m giving up, I am adding daily exercises. I figured if I’m going to form a habit, let it be a good one. So, I’m thinking, no daily junk food coupled with daily exercise, I should be fitter by end of Lent. Wish me strength, eh?!

Yesterday, I tried a Zumba HIIT class with my sister for free at the military base gym. The actual instructor did not show up and they had to call in a sub, who used to do the class too but have not done it in 5 months. I’m actually glad she was rusty because I could see how intense it could have been if she was up on her game. The constant stop we had to do prevented me from breaking a sweat. She was constantly checking the routine off her paper to make sure she was doing it right. But, once we hit the floor, doing spider crawl, bear crawl, intervals of planks, and so forth, I finally broke a sweat and I felt great for having done so. I have been a little bit under the weather lately and I knew I just needed to sweat and remove some toxins to make myself feel better. And I did! But, that’s me. You know you’re own body, do you. Rest if you must, instead.

P.S. Update on workout: I only feel a slight pain on my buttocks area, no where else, as result of yesterday’s workout.

To make this 40 day fasting more fun and challenging, I am also adding the use of our new weighing scale – the type that measure fat percentage, bmi, and all that other good stuff. Here are my measurements on Day 1 – yesterday: (It’s embarrassing, actually!)

  • Fat: 38.4%
  • Muscle: 33.2%
  • BMI: 121.9

According to, 32%+ fat percentage falls under Obese for women and 25%+ for men. A body fat percentage of 25-31% is Average for women and 18-24% for men.

According to, Fit women should fall under 21-24% body fat percentage. Healthy/acceptable body fat percentage falls between 25% – 32%.

Here’s’s Body Fat Percentage Chart:

  • Women
    • Essential Fat 10-12%
    • Athletes 14-20%
    • Fitness 21-24%
    • Acceptable 25-31%
    • Obese 32%+
  • Men
    • Essential 2-4%
    • Athletes 6-13%
    • Fitness 14-17
    • Acceptable 18-25%
    • Obese 26%+

According to, 18.5 – 24.9 BMI falls within a healthy weight range. A 25.0 – 29.9 BMI is considered obese. By BMI measurement standard, I fall within the healthy weight range.

To be fair, I compared my measurement with my sister’s weighing scale – a different brandand my fat percentage registered at 26%. I prefer the 26% most definitely, although, according to the chart, it still needs to be lower. For all intent and purposes, I am going to use our own weighing scale because it’s readily available. And no, I’m not buying a new one. This is just for the fun of it. I usually just go by how my clothes fit on me and/or visual assessment. When I see abs formation, I know I’m fit, right?!  haha Besides, how accurate are these weighing scales anyway? I’m interested in having Hydrostatic Underwater Weighing done sometime in the future, when I’m fitter just for the fun of it.

Final Words

I’ll save you time of reading about my daily food diary and just post an update every 10 days about my progress, a total of 4 weeks, to see if there’s any difference in anything regarding my Lent Fasting goal. Of course, it is always my aim that I will be leaner by the end of this challenge. I’m going for a 21-24% body fat percentage for this challenge. I know that’s a big difference but go big or go home, right?! Stay tuned.

Are you participating in Lent Fasting?

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Fitter Body and Better Mindset by end of Lenten Season”

  1. I think a fasting period in spring is always a good idea. Giving up processed sweets and junkfood for 46 days will harm nobody. And regarding the fat percentage, 26% is really not bad! Don’t think ‘the lower, the better’, because for women an ‘athletic’ fat percentage quite often comes at a cost (sleeping problems f.e. appear to be quite common). Wishing you strength! 🙂

    1. I never realized that a lower fat percentage comes with some issues too. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’d like to aim for 24%, something to look forward to. And yes, less junk food and sweets will harm nobody. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your mark on my blog. Take care.

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