I tried the free Stretching App, and this is what happened.

In the course of 6 weeks, I have been able to feature several free, unsponsored, exercise apps on my blog to help kickstart my 2019 fitness goal. Today, I present the final installment to this series, the last exercise app review for the Body Declutter Challenge. I find it very helpful to have a visual aid, an exercise buddy sort to speak, to get me to where I am today in terms of fitness; much better than figuring which or how to do exercises on my own. I have some ways to go still but I am happy with what I have achieved thus far.

Just to recap

I have been on a quest to get fit and each week I featured an exercise app I have tried for a week and post how it faired for me. The apps I targeted are all free, unsponsored, and required no equipments. I wanted to be able to do the exercises any day, any where, so that I have no reason not to get it done. I started back in December 10, 2018, with my first exercise app review posted on December, 17th.

I should note that I have run into several apps that claim to be free but not really free to use, requiring memberships to continue using. As the weeks progressed, I was having some difficulty finding apps that suited my requirements. So, I took the guessing game for you and presented only legit free exercise apps. 

Here are the apps I have used thus far

Each of the apps have it’s individual post, so if you are interested what it entails, please check them out. Simply click on the app name and it should redirect you to the post. 



  • I have just entered week 8 of the C25K. I am currently able to run 25 minutes straight now. I have not experienced any joint pain because I followed the 8 week regimen and each week, my body strengthened for the next bout. By the end of the 8th week, I should be able to run 30 minutes straight, no stops. My end goal is to be able to run 3 miles straight and I am very close to achieving that goal.
  • I find that combining C25K and Lotus Yoga worked well for me. It helped stretched my body, minimizing cramps or strain, and also helped improved my breathing during the run, thru breathing practices and meditation. These two are my favorite among the apps I’ve tried in the course of 7 weeks.
  • I have not use the potential of the other apps I’ve featured to its fullest because I felt that the run training was enough of a workout for someone who’s not use to exercising, like me. I didn’t want to overuse my body and not be able to finish the run training, which is 3x a week. My focus was on achieving my run goal. So, I weave the other apps around it and chose low impact for the time being, until my body can handle more strenuous exercise activities.
  • Next to C25K and Lotus Yoga, my next fave is the Freeletics because it really does give me a workout. In the beginning stages of my run training, I was using this quite a bit but now that I’m running for 25 minutes straight 3x a week, I decrease my usage of this app to decrease the strain on my legs for the time being.
  • When I am using the 7 minute workout programs featured on some of the apps, I do try to combine them because I feel that 1x 7 minute workout was not sufficient to get a good workout for me. I do try to listen to my body because it is recuperating from the previous run I did for the week. The frequency of usage is dependent on how much my body can take. Squats after a long run the previous day was too much for my quads the first time I run 25 minutes straight, for example.
  • My teen woke up this past weekend asking to exercise with me. I love that! I am influencing my family quietly, leading by example.

This Week’s Exercise App Review: Stretching

It makes sense that I feature a stretching app with all the exercise I have been doing these past 7 weeks. I should have featured this earlier on but somehow it slipped my mind to do. There is mixed reviews on stretching before and after a workout. I’m going to let you decided on what’s best for your body.

This app is pretty clear cut, no frills, just 9 stretching positions under the Free Program. (More with a premium):

  • Shoulder Extension
  • Underarm Shoulder
  • Rear Hand Clasp (Left/Right)
  • Full Squat
  • Standing Pike
  • Kneeling Lunge (Left/Right)
  • Butterfly
  • Backbend
  • Lying Twist (Left/Right)


  • Stretch Duration can be from 5 seconds to 120 seconds. Mine is programmed for 30 seconds each position.
  • The countdown to the next positions can be from 1 second to 30 seconds.
  • My stretch is approximately around 7 minutes, just enough to relax my muscles, especially after a run around the neck and shoulder, where I tend to stiffen.
  • You can either have the stretch workout on Continuous Mode or you can start it manually each time.
  • There is an On/Off feature for Completion Sounds or a Vibration Alert
  • Paid premium for more features, which I didn’t try.

Final Words

I hope that I am able to give you sufficient information and choices for workout options in the course of the 7 weeks. I am still continuing on with my fitness quest. As I have mentioned on my previous post, I am interested in the 30-day Yoga Challenge. I got about a few more days to decide which one I want to try for the month of February. You guys, it’s February 1 this Friday!  I don’t want to loose my momentum, so I follow my interests in the efforts to achieve my fitness goal of toning my whole body for the summer!

How has your fitness goal going so far?

Until next time.



If you are unsure how to start an exercise regimen, please consult your doctor or a professional exercise coach. I base my regimen on my own body and do not claim to be an expert on fitness. 

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