January’s Body Declutter Challenge: Workouts App Review

Happy Monday. I’m back with another free, unsponsored exercise app review to add to my Body Declutter Challenge. To recap, I have reviewed 5 exercise apps to date and the app I’m featuring today is #6. I have been on a quest to get fit since December 2018 and the drive to attain that goal has led me to continue the challenge for the whole month of January too. I am targeting free (unsponsored) exercise apps with exercises I can do anytime, anywhere, without the use of equipments.

I post my fitness journey to hold me accountable and motivated. As a bonus, I am taking the guesswork from you because there are a lot of free exercise apps out there that are technically not free to use once downloaded. I am still using all 5 previously reviewed exercise apps; but, I use C25K and Lotus Yoga the most and weave the others in between. Below you will find my exercise regimen to show how I’m managing all 6 apps throughout the past week. But first, let me tell you about the newest addition to my fitness regimen.

This Week’s Exercise App Review: Workouts

  • Offers the following categories:
    • Ab
    • Arm
    • Butt
    • Cardio
    • Leg
    • Full
    • Streaming Videos
  • The preset workouts comes in 5 minutes, 8 min, and 10 min increments.
  • Click on the 2 bar icon under the arrow in the middle of the screen to preview the exercise positions.
  • For example:
    • 5 min Butt workout includes the following:
      • Squat
      • Front Lunges
      • Side Lunges
      • Deadlift
      • Donkey Kick Right
      • Donkey Kick Left
      • Hip Bridge
      • Leg Extensions
      • Flutter Kicks
      • Froggy Glute Lifts
  • There are 2 Free workout choices to choose from. The other choice under 5 min Butt workout is as follows:
    • Plie Squat
    • Jumping Lunges
    • Chair
    • Plank with Head Lifts
    • Fire Hydrant Right
    • Fire Hydrant Left
    • Mountain Climbers
    • One Leg Bridge Right
    • One Leg Bridge Left
    • Glute Drop
  • There is a video in real time working out with you to help you with form if you need assistance.
  • The workout gives 3 seconds in between to switch to the next position, which I feel sometimes is not sufficient but I try.
  • There is a audio feature to it so I don’t really need to look at the screen to know when to switch and what position to switch to.
  • The Streaming Videos category:
    • I was able to view it once and did a 10 minute Barre Workout for Butt
    • I had to watch an ad video to be able to do another the next exercise session.
  • There is no profile page or calendar where it keeps track of my progress or a calendar.
  • Overall this is a pretty straight forward type of exercise app. Easy to use and execute.
  • I specifically use this app for Arm and Butt exercises, since I do quite a bit of cardio and leg exercise currently with C25K.

Side note: The Arm workouts sometimes require weights and I have a 5 lb weight around the house somewhere, but I am only able to find one – just goes to show you how much I exercise. Haha. So, I used two water bottles, approximately 1 lb each, as an alternative to not having one. 

My workout this past week
Was not productive as much this week. (Dr appointments all that good stuff this week.)

Final Words

Fitting in a workout or two in my day is definitely effort. I really am more of a walk with my GSD type of exercise person. Somedays, especially with the run training, I don’t want to do it; but I know, if I purposely miss a day, it will be easier for me to miss another. So I try set my run MWF and avoid missing it unless life happens. To date, I am able to run 22 minutes straight, or 2.25 miles, progress within 6 weeks time, and no knee joint pains. This is big for me who is not really a runner. The most I have ever run in my life is 3 miles and so that is my current end goal. I’m hesitant to run longer with the repetitive pounding on my old joints factored in. 3 miles is good enough for me to stay fit, especially since I do exercise and elevate my heart rate at least 6 days a week.

I should have one last app review next week to finish the month-long body declutter journey. Tentative goal for the month of February with regards to Health & Fitness, yoga YouTubers has peaked my interest. I started using a yoga app this month and I am enjoying it, so I want to continue and take it up a notch by learning from others. I believe there is a 30-day Yoga Challenge available that I got my eyes set on. I can already imagine my arms toning! I’m excited to be able to do the handstand too, another goal of mine. I will post a pic on Instagram when I’m able to do so.  Haha. Did it even happened if it’s not posted on Insta?!

Until next time.


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If you are unsure how to start an exercise regimen, please consult your doctor or a professional exercise coach. I base my regimen on my own body and do not claim to be an expert on fitness. 

2 thoughts on “January’s Body Declutter Challenge: Workouts App Review”

  1. I have tried a few exercise apps in the past but never really liked any of them. I might have to give this one a try though as it sounds pretty simple and straightforward. Great job on the running! My husband has bad knees and had no problem increasing distance as long as he did so slowly which we are all supposed to do anyways! He actually says his knees no longer bother him anymore while at work so I think the running and strength training he does helped them quite a bit.

    1. Hi. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I believe the slow progression is what worked for me. Usually I get pain on my right knee, which stops me from running, then I just stop all together. The running app I’m using worked for me. Hopefully, you will find one you like. My body feels lighter and my breathing is much better too. I like straightforward apps, no frills just get the work done type of deal 😅 Take care.

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