Saturday Blog Shoutouts

Hey, guys! So I was feeling the fitness bug all day today and managed to squeeze in a few exercise app usage, if not all, throughout the day. I’m happy to say that I can now run for up to 22 minutes straight. This is progress for me and I am really stoke about it, so I wanted to just share that. But enough about that, I will save it for Monday’s post. I have been reading quite a few blogs this week and I wanted to give you a sample of those that were a great read for me below.

This week, I choose from my Twitter Follower lists. There are so much to check out and give love too and so I think this is a great opportunity to thank those have chosen to continue following me. Because we know as bloggers, that the Follow/Unfollow game in all social media platforms can be a bit brutal at times. It’s been a while since I wrote about my Twitter journey, but you may check it out here.

Let’s get started.


Gary has 219.5K Twitter Followers! So, he really knows his stuff. I honestly, don’t know how I got under his radar but that is pretty cool that he decided to follow me. I checked his site out and there are so many helpful tips and info I can read and learn from. One of his tips is to personalized the Twitter header, which is why I recently changed mine. Interested in adding graphics to your blog, check out my post about the free Canva app here. Have you noticed my new Twitter header?



It stands for Over The Hill Fitness, for the 40 and over who are on a healthy lifestyle journey. These bloggers created their blog just this past year and it is filled with information I find quite interesting since I am on the path to getting back on track with my health, and yes, I am over 40. Their goal is to motivate and inspire people to get healthy. I saved a list of their recommended yoga youtubers to check out when I’m done with my exercise app trial for my body declutter challenge this month. I am enjoying yoga with the use of a free app. I also read a post regarding how we can improve cognition by improving our outlook at the start of the day. And so, if we believe the day will be stressful, then it effects our cognitive abilities throughout the day. Interesting read.



My shoutout would not be complete without a travel site. Haha. I am finding all this inspirational photos of places to visit someday and checked out this site. She, Ali Dunnel, is an artist, photographer, and teacher who travels the world with her husband and 3 kids. She catches these images in sketches and photographs and shares them on her blog. I love seeing the world’s beauty in other’s eyes and learn about the person this way. She’s done some traveling over the course of her life, 60 countries! I can only hope my international travels is as diverse or will be. Her images are beautiful and  captioned short and sweet, allowing the images themselves to tell the story of her travels.

Final Words

So, there you have it, check them out at your leisure. I am looking forward to connecting more with other bloggers and  checking out their individual site is a great opportunity to learn and do so. We are all so busy and caught up in our day to day living that sometimes reading is the last thing on our minds; but, it’s important to take the time to sit, relax and just read, even for just a few minutes a day. Not only is it good for you but it brightens someone else’s day too, especially when you leave a message on a post. Read something positive to start off the day less stressful to retain awareness or check out inspiring images to lighten the mood after a long arduous day. For me, exercise is a good productive way to clear my head, which is why I do it. I share my fitness journey on the blog to help keep me accountable and motivate my readers to perhaps start their own personal health and fitness journey.

Tune in next week for another set of sites I’ve enjoyed checking out and maybe you will too.

Until next time.


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