I tried the free Butt Workout App, and this is what happened.

Happy Monday! I’m back with another post to add to my Body Declutter Challenge. It is the 5th free, unsponsored exercise app that I’ve tried to get me closer to my health and fitness goal for 2019. Last week, I talked about a yoga app to help me strengthen my core without the jumping and sweat, giving my spine a break, and to also help me find peace through mediation because like gets crazy sometimes.

I have been on a quest to get fit since December 2018. That month, I posted 3 different exercise apps to initiate the body declutter challenge. I enjoyed it so much that I continued in for this month as well. Along with a healthy diet, exercising most days of the week should help me achieve my goal.


True for all the exercise apps I’ve tried thus far, this one also doesn’t necessitate any equipment and can be done practically any where, at any time. The military base offers free gym memberships to military and beneficiaries; but, the drive to almost always turns me off. I need exercises I can do when I feel like doing them, which is why I’m targeting apps that are free and with no equipment needed, except maybe a yoga mat, which I already have. The cost of my exercise routine so far is $0. 

This Week’s Exercise App Review: Butt Workout

This week, I tried an app that targeted the butt area. I try to give some variations in my exercise app choices, so I wanted to give this app a try. In just a few minutes in a day, it promises to give my derrière a good workout, with different levels from Beginning to Advance.

What I like about this app is that the workouts are pre-determined. I can just do it, no planning needed, no overthinking it either. I can even watch it ahead of time to see how all the positions are done or watch while I’m doing the exercises. It also does the countdown for me so I don’t have to keep watching my phone when to switch to the next positions. It gives me a few seconds to prepare for the next position, which I think is sufficient, so that I don’t lose the momentum.

Here’s what included in the free app:

  • 7 Minute Butt (Beginners): 7 minutes, burns 39 calories
  • Tone & Shape (Beginners): 7 mins, burns 60 calories
  • Angel Butt (Intermediate): 20 mins, burns 65 calories
  • Booty Shaper (Intermediate): 15 mins, burns 75 calories
  • Butt Blaster (Intermediate): 13 mins, burns 70 calories
  • Butt & Thighs (Advanced): 20 mins, burns 127 calories

I started with the 7 Minute Butt workout but the day of or after, I didn’t feel anything, no muscle ache from working muscles I’ve never worked before. In 7 minutes I did 12 positions. They are as follows:

  • Side Kick Squat
  • Hip Thrust
  • Donkey Kick (Left)
  • Donkey Kick (Right)
  • Side Lunge (Left)
  • Side Lunge (Right)
  • Single-Leg Hip Extensions (Left)
  • Single-Leg Hip Extensions (Right)
  • Side-Lying Leg Raise (Left)
  • Side-Lying Leg Raise (Right)
  • Plie Squat
  • Hip Bridge Hold

Next, I tried the Tone & Shape and this gave me a better workout. This was on the easy side for me as well. Although, I will say that the Spiderman Plank really got me. That was a challenge! There are 12 positions under this workout. They are as follows:

  • Squat
  • Hip Thrust
  • Donkey Kick (Left)
  • Donkey Kick (Right)
  • Spiderman Plank
  • Side-Lying Leg Raise (Left)
  • Side-Lying Leg Raise (Right)
  • Side Lunge (Left)
  • Side Lunge (Right)
  • Side Lunge Alternate
  • Lateral Hip Opener
  • Shuffle Side Squat

Next, I combined Tone & Shape Butt Workout and Single Exercises from Freeletics to get a better workout and I have to say, I felt some soreness the next day. Read my previous post about Freeletics here. To me, that’s a good sign that I’ve put some slumbering muscles to work. Soreness shouldn’t be the measurement of a good workout, it’s just that I like to feel some burn after a workout to let me know I woke some inactive muscle. *Please listen to your body when you workout. I’m basing my workouts on my own body. I’m not a professional. 

My workout for the past week:

*Party on Saturday got me busy, all day! No exercise which I made up for on Sunday.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 7.37.49 PM.png

Final Words

I will continue to use this app, as well as the other 4, until I’ve tried all the options available and go from there. My weekly workout schedule is filling up and so far, I’m still managing all 5. I just entered my 6th week with C25K and I’m motivated to finish it all the way through. I should be able to execute a full 3 mile run by week 8. That’s in 2 weeks, you guys! Yoga is another fave of mine of the 5 I’ve tried because I can do it even with jeans on, anytime of the day! And I don’t sweat doing it so I’m still go to go for an outing or errands soon after. haha.

The constant switch between exercise routine is what helps motivate me. After I’m done with the run training, I should be able to minimize my run to twice a week and fill other days with heavier exercise to start toning up. Right now, I don’t want to overwork my muscle because I want to keep being able to run on schedule – MWF, building my stamina as I progress. Until then, I try different exercise app to find out which one I would like to keep doing. Freeleticsis one of them. Also, Freeletics can be connected to Apple Health and Apple Health connected to Dick’s Sporting Goods Scorecard. Read my post why it pays to exercise here

So, another week of free, unsponsored exercise app. I’m interested if you have a favorite exercise app you’d like to recommend to me. Please comment below and I’ll look into it. I got 2 more apps to add to this Declutter Challenge.

Until next time.


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I do not claim to be a fitness expert. If you are uncertain how to get back on track with exercise, please consult your doctor. 

2 thoughts on “I tried the free Butt Workout App, and this is what happened.”

  1. I have to say I am so glad I don’t have to worry about my weight. You have waaaaay more discipline than me! I could use some toning up, but I sure don’t have the motivation to make it happen.

    Great job! Keep at it!

    1. Yes! It definitely takes effort to keep on doing exercise, which is why it’s important that I have one easily accessible for when I am in the mood to do them. I do the leg lifts while I watch tv, for example. Haha. You are lucky you don’t have to worry about weight. I used to be that way, then my metabolism slowed a little bit more each year and muscles required a lot more work to stay toned. Thanks for reading my newest post.

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