Saturday Blog Shoutouts

Hi. Hi. So I’m a day late with my Saturday Shoutout this week. I gave my teen a birthday party! Since we have been having some renovations at home, I have been stuck at home manning the renovations. I had to push my party preparation time to the last day – the actual birthday (Friday) and the party was the next day. I try not to make excuses but I just couldn’t do my last 2 posts for the week. I just couldn’t. (Apologies.) I was really stressing and wound up tight since Thursday night, making sure I had cake, candles, and gifts all ready by Friday morning. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been so stressed because I had every thing I needed; but, I think it’s the whole renovations that got me all stressed. We did not expect it to happen this birthday week. 

IMG_0977In end, the party was a success and fun and lasted in the wee hours of the night. I planned and executed games with prizes I’ve accrued in my bargain hunting days and prepared lots of food. I will post a separate post for party planning. It took some thought but it passed. Needless to say, true to old age, I was so tired and passed out on the sofa while waiting for Birdbox to end. Now I have some time to play catch up on the blog this rainy Sunday morning – no repairs because of the rain. How are you?

IMG_0976First up today is my Saturday Shoutout. I have been reading a lot of blogs this week and I have found some great one to bring to your attention. Here they are:


I will be honest and say that before I started my blog, I was not aware of the FiRe movement. Having read many blogs with the same topics after I started my blog, I want to  join in. It’s harder on a one-income military household to reach Fi, for us at least, this late in the game. While I feel that it will take us longer to get there, it does help to read other’s experiences and learn from them too, get tips and perhaps be able to apply them in my life to get me closer to Fi. I do love the assist and this website is full of information to help me get there. This site is a new find for me, which I found going through my Followers list. I will definitely will be reading it more now that it is under my radar.


I’m nearing the two year mark of my Vegan Journey. I became vegan for health reasons and it has been going great thus far. I will say that I still miss a number of foods from my pre-vegan days; but, it does help being able to recreate them to a vegan-friendly dish. So, I’m very thankful for vegan websites that gives me recipes to try and make this possible. I’ve mentioned this website in my blog before when I tried the Sweet and Sour Chickpeas, which was not only easy to make but super yummy that I’ve made it a few more times after trying it out. There are plenty of recipes to choose from posted on the blog as well. The pictures alone are making me crave the food. (Just a side note: our vegan places here are far and few in between, especially the bakery type, so I make plenty of vegan dishes myself; otherwise, I’d be eating a whole lot of processed food – which are high in salt.)


One of my future goals is to travel more internationally. For the mean time, while I save up for family trips, I scour the web for future vacation destinations, which is how travel bloggers catch my attention. The blogger, Katie, travels Europe and Asia and she posts them on her blog. I get to see how beautiful the world is through her eyes, while giving tips to make it more “Instagrammable”. Haha. I need all the help on that. Someday, I will be posting about my travels too; but, for the meantime, I do research on places I want to go and visit. Tokyo is one of them. There is so much of the world I have yet to see and perhaps I’d never see them all; but, it should be fun to try and see some, budget willing.

Final Words

So these are my 3 for this week. I don’t really know how I came about showcasing only 3; but, I feel it’s sufficient to give you a glimpse of the fabulous sites and bloggers out there making their mark in helping others. I love learning from others and try to showcase them to give thanks for helping me out. So, while you are chillaxing this Sunday morning, or night, come give these websites a look. I know I will be.

Until next time.


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