Is a 3-step beauty regimen enough for a 40+ y.o. skin? (Week 1)

Hello! It’s well into the evening; but, it’s still technically Wednesday night here. I’m here with the first update on my month-long Self-Care Challenge. It’s been a week now since I’ve been consistently executing my skincare routine and I’m here to give you guys an update how it’s going on thus far. If you happened to not have read Part 1 of this Self-Care Challenge, check it out here. 

The goals are set. I’ve made self-care the New Year’s resolution of 2019. I vowed to give myself a little bit more love so that I am looking and feeling good both inside and out. To give myself a boost, I turned it into a challenge because otherwise, I’d find reasons not to do it. I have 3 Challenges going on simultaneously this month to kick start 2019 on my blog. All of which I’m posting on my blog to keep my actions in check. Do check my posts when you get the chance. My blog’s theme this year is Growth.


My 2-step (3 – including the scrub) Face Regimen

  • Philosophy Purity Cleanser for both morning and night
  • Estee Lauder Resilience Lift in the morning
  • Loli Plum Elixer at night
  • Homemade Coconut/Brown Sugar Face Scrub to slough away the dead skin, atleast once a week

*** This is an unsponsored post. Read part 1 how I came to these brands.

Photo Update

*Both taken just now. 

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Word Update

  • My skin is most definitely much, much, much softer. That was not a surprise to me. I knew using any product consistently would yield great results at startup, since I don’t have any regimen set in place on a regular basis. It is working as expected.
  • The frown lines on the top of my nose bridge – between my eyes, are definitely less indented. The right side is definitely deeper than the left but it has improved. In a couple more weeks, maybe it will disappear all together. We will have to wait and see.
  • My pores have gotten smaller. 
  • At the beginning, I was rubbing the Loli Elixir on; but, apparently, I am only supposed to dab it on my face, not rub. So I switch to the dabbing process eventually mid week – after I read the instructions on the website.
  • The laugh lines are still visible; but, I’m not sure if that’s supposed to disappear in the first place, without surgery. Plus that only means I laugh. That’s good, right?!
  • I don’t really have noticeable crow’s feet yet.
  • I do not see any difference on my neck area. Not sure if there was any to fix, yet. But I rub the lotion/elixir anyway to hinder the effects of aging.
  • Using the face cleanser both day and night did not dry my face.
  • I felt that I need to add another lotion on top of the Loli Elixir for my night regimen because my face felt thirsty than when I use the Estee in the morning.

Final Words

The foods we eat and the amount of water we drink each day play a big part in how our skin looks. We are afterall 2/3 water and lose a little bit throughout the day. So, replenish, replenish, replenish.

If you need motivation in the drinking water department, there is a Drink More Water Challenge going on started by Andrea of If you need a little motivation and support in getting this started, this is your chance. Challenges are more fun when more people join.

I’m actually excited to see how the product fair after week 2. Is a 3-step face regimen enough for this 40+ year old skin? I know I’m supposed to keep my hands off my face; but, I love how much smoother and softer it is. I’m still a little confused with face products. There are so many to choose from. Let’s not even start with the 10-step Korean face regimen. But wow! Their skin look great, right?! That, comes with effort! 

Up to this point, the only thing I bought is an Organic Coconut Oil to DIY a face scrub. I know the products I’m using currently are a bit pricey, so I know after a month’s time, when it is all used up, I will have to look into a more affordable face regimen. I’m all for budget-friendly face regimen. I got a few just taking space in my drawer, waiting to get used, mostly gifts. Thank goodness for sisters that care about my face. Haha.

Until next time.




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