Get paid to exercise. I am!

Last year, I signed up for a free Dick’s Sporting Goods ScoreCard loyalty program account and earned a total of $20 worth of store credit. Used to be that I have to log in 10,000 steps daily with my Fitbit to earn 3 points daily towards a $10 rewards = 300 points. If I hit 10k steps most days, in a year, I can earn up to $30 worth of rewards, just for walking – my choice exercise. My problem is that sometimes I forget to wear my Fitbit, especially when I’m charging it, and so I don’t get to hit that 10K some days. (Not a sponsored post.)

IMG_1116.PNGThere is good news!

I recently updated my Dick’s Sporting Goods app and now it is giving me three options to earn 3 points daily to get me to 300 points even faster. I can do one of the three to earn the 3 points daily:

  • Log in 10,000 steps daily
  • Log in 3 miles daily
  • Log in 30 minutes of movement daily

Sync the following apps with your Dick’s Sporting Goods ScoreCard account:

  • Fitbit
  • Apple Health
  • Garmin
  • MapMyRun
  • MapMyFitness

Once the 300 points is reached to qualify for a $10 store credit, it may take up to 30 days to process in the system. I reached 300 points right around Christmas and I just got a notice this morning that my $10 store credit is now available on my app.

The points continue to accrue towards the next reward even after reaching the $10 rewards. I currently have 70 of the 300 points needed to earn my next $10 on my account.

I typically shop the clearance area to maximize the benefit of this free store credit at Dick’s. I don’t mind walking around the aisles, I am, after all, trying to accrue more points towards my next $10 rewards. Walking is relaxing to me.

Final Words

Now, when I don’t have my Fitbit on, I can still earn 3 points daily with the help of Apple Health. I already carry my phone whenever I run to use the C25K app to reach my goal of being able to run 3 miles straight. I train 3x a week and I’m doing pretty well, no painful knees that usually accompany me when I run. Check out my Body Declutter Challenge where I review a free, unsponsored exercise app each week. I now have better chances at reaching my daily point goal.

It’s pretty cool that companies are starting to give incentives to stay active. Another one I like to use is Charity Miles. Each completed miles I log in with the app is a $0.25 donation towards my chosen organization. Right now I have my app actively accruing points towards Habitat for Humanity. Read my 2018 donation summary hereI get to earn a donation for a good cause and I get to achieve my exercise for the day. I love that! The app is free and I’m already moving anyway…

How do you motivate yourself to continue your fitness quest?

Until next time.


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