January’s Body Declutter Challenge: Lotus Yoga App Review

If you have been following my blog journey, you know that I started a Body Declutter Challenge last month. I enjoyed it so much that I continued the challenge for this month of January as well. I am on a quest to get fit this 2019 to achieve my New Year’ Resolution of Self-care. I find that posting my progress is a great motivational force. So, here I am with another week of Body Declutter Challenge.

I have been promoting this current exercise app to my Declutter Challenge Series on Twitter and Instagram. This will be the fourth free, unsponsored exercise app I tried for a week and sharing. Check out the other 3 apps when you get the chance: December’s c25K, 7M Workout, and Freeletics. I am currently still using all 4 exercise apps. I have to say, I am feeling good as a result of using each one. I have assigned an exercise app each day of the week, except on Sundays – which is typically my rest day, to help keep me focused on my goal. #NoExcuses

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Here’s Week 1 Exercise App Review: Lotus Yoga

For a week now, I have been trying Lotus Yoga to see if it will give my body a workout. Staying true to my goal of budget-friendly exercise regimen that I can do whenever, wherever, and no equipment. I tried what this app offered for free: totaling to 5 Workouts, 92 minutes of exercise, and 498 accumulated calories thus far within a week’s time.

I have to say, I have enjoyed using this app. Definitely not hard on my aging joints. I don’t sweat as much using this app because the movements are slow; but, it gives me a workout nonetheless! Done correctly, the slow transition and hold of each position throughout each session worked my muscles and I felt it the next day. Seriously sore after the ab workout.

The only exercise I do religiously prior to starting this Declutter Challenge back in December was walking my GSD. 

There are paid and free workouts included in this app. I tried the free workouts only and they are listed below. I added an asterisk (*) for those I’ve already completed. At this time, I can not tell if more of the locked workouts will open up as I continue using the app. I will keep you posted.

To unlock all the workouts, a paid Pro version is available:

  • 1 month, $10.99/month; 12 months, $3.08/month; Forever, $48.99

Here’s what’s included for free:

  • Fundamentals (23 Classes/Workouts)
    • Beginner Asanas I (17 minutes – 136 calories) *
    • Beginner Asanas II (41 min – 287 cal)
    • Beginner Balance I (22 min – 154 cal)
    • Beginner Balance II (22 min – 162 cal)
    • Beginner Flexibility I (22 min – 135 cal)
    • Beginner Flexibility II (30 min – 169 cal)
  • Toning and Fat Burn (24 Classes/Workouts)
    • Abs for Beginners I (28 min – 178 cal) *
    • Arm Toning – Beginners I (18 min – 130 cal) *
  • Health and Energy Booster (21 Classes/Workouts)
    • Back Pain I (27 min – 136 cal)
    • Detox Time I (21 min – 139 cal) *
    • For a Great Morning I (20 min – 146 cal)
    • Inner Strength (30 min – 204 cal)
  • Quick Fix Flows (5 Classes/Workouts)
    • Quick Fix Flow I (9 min – 73 cal)
  • Relax and Meditation (12 Classes/Workouts)
    • Breathing Awareness (9 min – 23 cal) *
    • Deal with Anger (15 min – 28 cal) *
  • Yoga for Women (11 Classes/Workouts)
    • After Birth Core (13 min – 88 cal)
    • Menstruation I (17 min – 138 cal)
  • Yoga for Sports Performance (7 Classes/Workouts)
    • None Free
  • Special Selections (10 Classes/Workouts)
    • None Free
  • Yoga Ball (5 Classes/Workouts)
    • None Free

My Week with the App

I had to download each workout to play the pre-programmed workout(s). It described the positions to transition to so I didn’t really need to watch my phone to check for the next position. I just listened to the voice directing me throughout the session. Every so often I looked at my phone when I am unsure how to perform the position. I’ll get better at each one as I continue to progress with this app.

I started with a 9 minute Breathing Awareness Meditation. It was my first time meditating. I had a hard time at the beginning to relax and breath deeply but halfway thru, I got the hang of it. I know that breathing is important with each yoga movement so I wanted to get some practice before attempting any workout session. I still struggle a week into it but I am getting better at it. I can feel my shoulder tense up when I inhale and hold my breath; but, I am more aware of it and try to correct it whenever I notice it.

I also noticed how inflexible I am! Haha. Again, it is a work in progress and I am motivated enough to continue challenging myself to get as flexible as my body allows. I try not to push too hard though and listen to my body. I rather take it easy than have a body in pain and not be able to exercise the rest of the week. You know what I mean?! 

I will say that this is an app I will continue to use because I can feel my muscle hard at work with each movement. I really had a hard time with the Four-Limbed Staff Pose, Revolved Head to Knee Post, Camel Pose, and Sage Vasistha’s Pose, which are all part of the Detox Time I workout session, the most recent workout I completed.

So, along with the other three, my exercise regimen looked like this for this 1st week of January:

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 5.34.37 PM.png

I can also personalized my yoga workout; however, I have not created one just yet as I am still learning the different positions I am not accustomed to doing. I eventually will. 

Final Words

I have not weighed myself on a scale this past couple of months but go with how my clothes fit instead. Some days it’s loose, some days it’s tight; but, in general, I’m slimming down. I just try to be mindful not to eat so much sweets and junk food – which I have a tendency of doing when I’m bored and during the holidays when delicious food is bountiful.

Included in the app is a 1 week Beginner Starter Program which I intend to complete in the future to see if it’s doable to fit in yoga everyday. For now, I am doing different exercises throughout the week between the 4 apps I’m currently using to get in shape.

I  feel great about being able to exercise 6 days of the week. I’m already able to run 5 minutes straight and getting closer to my 3 mile end goal each week. I took a peak at Wednesday’s scheduled run (Week 5, Day 2) and I’m going to run for 8 minutes straight. Yikes!

I’m excited to see if by summer time I’ll have a toner body to show off! I really want washboard abs but I know this will require a lot of discipline to achieve. We will have to wait and see. 

Until next time. 




I do not claim to be a fitness expert. If you are uncertain how to get back on track with exercise, please consult your doctor.