Saturday Blog Shoutouts

Part of my goal for the new year is to start featuring blogs that have peaked my interest. It’s a great opportunity for me to showcase fellow bloggers that have left a mark on me and at the same time, it gives me the motivation to set aside time to read other blogs to feature for my next blog post. This is a great opportunity for me as well to learn from others and I am hoping will in turn help me develop my craft. As a fairly new blogger, I am ever evolving with my site and I have been enjoying the journey thus far.

The sites I will be featuring this entire month are unsponsored and not in any way a collaboration. Today, I’m adding 3 more sites to the list of bloggers I’ve featured on my site. I just feel that it’s a great way to thank the wonderful bloggers that continue to help me in my journey of growth and self-care.

First up


For my sister’s birthday this week, I baked her a Vegan Chocolate Bundt Cake. I’ve never tried making chocolate cake from scratch before; but, I knew that my sister wanted DIY personalized gifts, especially vegan-friendly food from me since I do love to cook, and so I endeavored to bake her a chocolate cake as one of my gifts for her. A simple online search brought me to Nora’s site.

Chocolate Cake

I am absolutely satisfied how my first ever vegan chocolate bundt cake turned out. Although ready-made vegan chocolate cake can be bought at certain places, it can be very costly to get a whole cake. I made a bundt cake with ingredients I already have in my pantry and fridge. So, the cost of ingredients is really = $0. And, as a plus, I know exactly what’s in the cake!

This website is definitely one I’m going to continue visiting to learn how to cook vegan dishes or desserts I’ve never attempted to make before. Even though I have been on a vegan diet for 1.5 years now, I still need the assist in developing my dishes and taste palette. The more I exposed myself to different vegan foods, the easier it is to cook vegan-friendly dishes on a budget – which is what I always try to strive for on a one-income salary household.

The Second blog


I just learned about this site this week and read the post about New Zealand. Wow, it is very detailed, down to transportation and fare, and tips in a local’s point of view. I love it. It makes me feel ready to explore the place, equipped with all the necessary information to enjoy what New Zealand has to offer.

Of course, this is a travel site and so the site features many other different foreign and local venues to visit and enjoy. It’s a great site to accompany travel planning. If you are like me, I like to be as prepared as possible when traveling. I’m not a light packer for sure and I try to plan as much as I can so that I’m not stressing out about the small stuff because I got it covered. Haha. I will definitely save this website as I want to do some traveling this year as well, not too far off, but I do want to see all 50 states, in my lifetime, if possible. So we will be attempting to travel to some states this year. (International traveling when affordable.)

The Third Blog

I ended up on this site by simply checking out one of my Twitter follower’s account. I did enjoy reading about The Red Lotus Lake and the pictures included are beautiful on this travel with insider tips blog post. It is very detailed as well, including pricing for the travel to get to the Red Lotus Lake. It’s is now on my bucket list of places to see. Someday…

This site has several categories to peak your interests and I will definitely take the time to read more post on this site to learn a little bit more about the world around me and of the blogger. The category “Education” has definitely peaked my interest because I’m a proponent of free education. So, this site has caught my interest for sure and I will be reading more post within in.

Final Words

My, this week has gone by fast! To be honest, I never did recover from Thanksgiving, when my sister came from LA to spend time with us. In no time, Christmas parties werrolling one after another and I was so happy to finally have the kids at school because I seriously needed some time to myself. Not too far off from New Year’s Eve partying, slowly getting the house and routine back to normal, another party will be coming next week that I need to prepare myself and the house for a birthday celebration. I’ve already took notes on games to play with the kids and the guests. I will keep you posted on how the party went.

Tune in next week for another list of sites I’ve come to love.

Until next time.



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    1. Thank you for reading and leaving your mark on my blog. That cake does look amazing! I plan to repeat it for this weekend’s party. Looking forward to great reads and bloggers to feature for the upcoming weeks. Take care.

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