Happy New Year! What will 2019 bring into my life?

It is the 1st of 2019. Wow! A new promise of stories untold. I just can’t imagine what this new year will bring into my life. Oh, there will work involved to succeed, that is not lost on me. I know my successes will be proportional to the effort and dedication I put in each action and decision I make in life. I foresee growth in the horizon, most definitely because 2019 will mark the end of our military service. After 20 years of military life, switching back to civilian life will be the greatest change for us that I can see from today. What else will the future hold? Time will only tell.

First things first, what do I have planned for my blog for 2019?


January 1, 2019, up early exercising with the fam.

My January 2019 Challenges

  • Exercise Regimen (Mondays)
    • I’ve already reviewed and posted 3 unsponsored and free exercise apps for the month of December. I will continue to give you 4 more for the month of January. I am enjoying this motivated quest for a healthier me and I will ride it for as long as I can.
  • Face Regimen (Wednesdays)
    • Just a few months from now, I will be turning 44 years young! 44, you guys! For Christmas, both my sister gave me a face lotion that promises to slow down the process of skin aging (or maybe that’s how they sold it to me – forever trying to convince me to take care of my skin.) All I know is, it’s expensive and that they love it. (I’m a middle child, btw.) So I will be giving this product a go. I don’t really have a face regimen I do nor a product I use religiously. So, I’m thinking, this product will probably be my fountain of youth if I remember to use it. Haha To motivate me, I’m turning it as my new year’s resolution challenge – which starts today.
  • Vegan Recipes (Fridays)
    • I received a Vegan Cookbook from my sister’s mother-in-law for Christmas. It was totally unexpected and I totally love the act. I will be trying at least 1 recipe from the cookbook for the month of January each week. Tune in to see how I faired.

What else do I have in-store?

  • This year, we are getting our home’s siding and roof changed due to storm damages. Big, big, big expense! Big!! So I will continue on featuring ways I save on everyday expenses. As well as write about what we have learned with our experience with changing our siding and roof. (Owning a home has so many unexpected expenses – which I will also write about.)
  • The new outside look of my house is nudging me to do some makeover inside as well. I will be doing some painting for sure. I want to beautify our home on a budget. So there will be DIY projects along this venture. I think it’s time I switch my mindset. For years, my home looked undone because I feel like any time we will be moving again on military orders. So I didn’t really care much about what our home looked like. Now, I do. 
  • Continue to share free educational courses I come across. I found free access to Ancestry.com! I will tell you more about it in a future post.
  • Share our progression from military to civilian life.

Just to list a few…..

Final Words

I am feeling optimistic about what 2019 will bring into my life. I know that if I just change my mindset, I can see the beauty in everything, whether life takes me on an easy or hard path – there will always be growth, regardless. Looking forward to where life takes me. With hard work I know I can achieve the goals I set out for myself. It may or may not be easy but life has a history of throwing me curve balls. May 2019 be prosperous for us both.

1st beach outing of the year!

Until next time.

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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year! What will 2019 bring into my life?”

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful places you guys visit. So much of the world I haven’t seen. May 2019 be fruitful.

  1. You’ve got a lot on your plate for this year! I’m excited to read the Saturday shoutouts! I already follow so many great blogs (you’re included!!) that I can’t seem to keep up and comment like I want to, but honestly, I don’t mind finding more. You just never know what you might learn from someone else’s journey.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi. Nicole. Happy New Year. You are right, so many great blog out there are so many great blogs out there. Putting the spotlight on it sort of forces me set the time to read them and hopefully learn more in the process. May 2019 be prosperous for us both. Thank as always for being so supportive of me.

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