December Body Declutter Challenge: Freeletics App Review

So, here it is, the last day of 2018, and my very last post of the year. I started blogging mid-2018 and have accrued knowledge and friends along the way. It was a journey made possible by my willingness to reach out and learn. The blogging community is such a supportive community and I am happy I joined because I am growing every day. Thank you as always for taking time from your day to come chat with me on Twitter and Instagram, and for visiting my site. I don’t know where my blogging path with lead; but, it is ever evolving.

For this last post of 2018, I am finishing strong with my Declutter Series Challenge with an app that really gave me a workout this week, much more than C25K and 7M Workout. I believe this app is a keeper and I will continue to use it moving forward to January’s Challenge. Let me know what you think in the comments below or if you want to join me in my quest to a healthier body and mindset, I’m down with being each other’s cheerleader and support.

A little bit of background on this challenge

The only exercise I do religiously is walk my GSD. While it is a good form of exercise, I want to tone my body and walking has not done that for me in the 3 years I’ve been walking my boy. So, for this month of December, I endeavored to put more effort into exercising and started off with budget-friendly free, unsponsored, exercise app, which I can use anywhere and at any time without the use of any equipment. The apps I have been using is self-paced with some slight nudging in terms of the pre-arranged workout, already waiting for me to activate and put into action. I always work at my pace and listen to my body – I need to function after all the rest of the day; but, I do try to finish the workout with a fight mentality so I feel good knowing I gave it my all – and that’s all I can ask for. If I’m going to put the effort to exercise, I might as well get the most out of it.

Here’s Week 3 Exercise App Review: Freeletics

  • Two types within the app:
    • Free
    • Paid: you get a personal coach
      • $39.99+ for 3 months
      • $59.99+ for 6 months
      • $74.99+ 12 months
  • At first, after signing up, it asked me my goals and how my exercise routine is. It gave me recommendations for pre-programmed workouts. Then it brought me to a screen for “personalized training with a freeletics coach” with matching pricing. I thought I needed to sign up for a paid membership to utilize the app and I was about to delete the app; but, there is also a free version within it once I looked around a bit.
  • There are 5 tabs on the bottom of the app screen:
    • Feed
      • This features set goals and you just join along and comment your results. It’s a way of meeting other members who are looking to get fit like me, working on the same goals. or get some motivation.
    • Workouts
      • Workouts – different level of pre-set workouts to choose from – some are only available with a paid membership but plenty free ones too
        • Beginner
        • Intermediate
        •  Advanced
        • Short
        • Medium
        • Long
        • Full Body
        • Lower
        • Core
        • Upper
        • No Distances
        • No Equip
      • Personalized Trainingpaid, did not try.
      • Single Exercises – I tried a few of this.
        • Individual exercises that are timed and self-paced. It gets added to your profile and earns points to level you up in your quest to a fitter you.
          • Each one earns points to help elevate your level. I’m 193 points to Level 3 after two days of using the app.
      • Training Spotsfind training areas within your area; athletes appear on the screen after checking-in. A good way to find a workout buddy; but, I have not tried this.
      • Sprints and Runs need to download another app to utilize this. I did not try this as I am already using C25K.
    • Your Training Journeys
    • Profile page – currently I have done 2 workouts and a few single exercises and my I have earned enough points to earn me Level 2 position, @ 1007 points
    • Notification – the developer’s way of introducing new information or stories to share.

My trials

My first workout looked like this:

  • Athena – works the Core and Lower areas, my time: 10 minutes and 27 seconds
    • 5 sets:
      • Set 1:
        • 25x* Climbers
        • 25x* Sit-ups
        • 25x* Squats
        • 25s* – Rest
      • *The number decreases by 5 increments as the set repetition progress – so 5th repetition is 5x Climbers/Situps/Squats
    • This was a fairly easy workout for me. Did not sweat like I did with Prometheus on day 2. Hated the sit-ups but I managed to finish it all each set.
    • This earned me 305 points, which gets added to my total to level me up.

The second workout looked like this:

  • Prometheus – works the Core and Lower body, my time: 19 minutes and 26 seconds
    • Set 1:
      • 30 Climbers
      • 10x Pushups
      • 30x Situps
      • 30x Squats
      • 50x Jumping Jacks
      • 30s – Rest
    • Set 2:
      • 20x Climbers
      • 7x Pushups
      • 20x situps
      • 20x squats
      • 50x jumping jacks
    • Set 3:
      • 10x Climbers
      • 5x Pushups
      • 10x Situps
      • 10x Squats
      • 50x Jumping Jacks
      • 30s Rest
    • Set 4:
      • 20x Climbers
      • 7x Pushups
      • 20x Situps
      • 20x Squats
      • 50x Jumping Jacks
      • 30s Rest
    • Set 5: 
      • 30x Climbers
      • 10x Pushups
      • 30x Situps
      • 30x Squats
      • 50x Jumping Jacks
  • My abdominal muscle was really sore on this one with all the situps.
  • I earned 370 points and now only 193 points away to Level 3!
  • I do no like sit-ups or anything similar to it because I am using my neck muscles wrong and it hurts. So I am looking for more options to abdominal workouts.

Final Words

Day 2 on this app was a workout. I was really sweating and felt good having done so. Gave myself a rest Sunday because I have been pretty good with working out and I deserve a chill day. There are plenty of free workouts to choose from and so I will be continuing on with this app for the month of January. Let me help you take the guess work out of the equations because not all “Free” app is actually free to use, I’m finding out. 

Just a bit of an update on the two apps I used previously this week’s, I will be running on Week 4 Day 1 later on today with my bud on C25K and my lungs are getting a workout. I can now run 5 minutes straight. I have noticed that I do not cramp, nor do my knees hurt going on this slower 5K Training – and I love that there is no workout pain after with my run training. I believe it’s due to the slow duration increase, giving my body a change to strengthen as the weeks progress.

Still having an easy time with the 7M Workout, I think I may have to do two 7 minute exercises to get better workout benefits. Tried the 7M Classic this week. Will try 7M Abs next.

My scheduled training looks like this with 3 apps thus far:

Getting Fit with C25K, 7M Workout, and Freeletics

Tune in for more exercise app review in the weeks to come during my quest to a fitter me, and you – Join me anytime. If you absolutely love an exercise app, free preferably, let me know in the comments below and I’ll give it a go.

Well, I got some stuff to get done to prep for the New Year’s Eve party, there’s lots of cleaning and cooking involved for sure, as well as an Escape Room outing with the kids. Busy busy day again, stretching to make the most of the last day of 2018. I hope 2019 brings many more blessings and love your way. Let’s stay in touch. I would love to hear your plans for the New Year.

Until next time.

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I do not claim to be a fitness expert. If you are uncertain how to get back on track with exercise, please consult your doctor.