December Body Declutter Challenge: 7M Workout App Review

Good Morning. It is the eve of Christmas. If I don’t get another chance to chat with you today and in the coming days, Happy Holidays. I’ve got a few things to get done today for our family Christmas Eve party, where we greet Christmas altogether in one house. This year, it will be with my husband’s family. It will be loud, fun, full of memories to share and make, gift exchanges, and there will be lots of food. Lots of food! It is why I started a body declutter challenge this month. I want to be able to balance out the food consumption with calorie burning activities so to avoid gaining extra weight.

Just a little bit of background on this post for this month of December

I want to declutter my body and so each week, I will try free, unsponsored, exercise app and give my review of how it faired for me. I’m not a fitness buff, by close proximity, and my exercise regimen is pretty much just walking my GSD; but, I do have the desire for a fitter body and so this is the startup to get me there. I want it simple enough that I won’t find any reasons not to do it, preferably without the use of any equipment so I can do the exercises anywhere. I want to feel fitter and healthier when I greet the new year, which is not too far from now. Last week, I talked about the C25K app, which I continued to use along with this week’s new exercise app I will be talking about in this post.

This week’s exercise app review: 7M Workout.

*Once I downloaded the free app, I didn’t have to make an account, which I thought was pretty cool because I don’t have to remember a user id or password.

  • In 7 minutes, I can have a complete workout.
  • There are different levels to the workout:
    • 7 M Beginner
    • 7 M Classic
    • 7 M Sweat
    • 7M Tabata
    • 7M Complete
  • Each workout has a video to give a visual what the exercise should look like
  • I can customize my own 7-minute workout
  • I can see my progress
    • number of workouts done
    • minute count total workouts done
    • total calories burned
    • set a workout notification
    • weight progress

I tried the 7 M Beginner this week and this is what I did:

*the 10 seconds break noted is just enough of a break to switch to the next workout position 

  • Step Jack – 30 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Hall Wall Sit – 20 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Knee Push-up – 20 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Standing Bicycle Crunch – 20 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Standing Hip Circle – 20 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Half Squat – 20 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Lying Triceps Lift – 30 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Full Plank – 20 seconds
    • 10second break
  • High Knee Walking in Place – 30 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Side Leg Raise (Left) – 20 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Side Leg Raise (Right) – 20 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Hand Release Push-up – 30 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Side Plank (Left) – 20 seconds
    • 10-second break
  • Side Plank (Right) – 20 seconds
    • Workout Complete

Total workout time: 7 minutes, 14 exercises, 28 calories burned

 How did it faired for me?

  • The Beginner Level was a little easy for me.
  • What I had the hardest time with was the Side Plank. It was totally unnatural for me to be in that positions so I struggled a little bit maintaining my right form on that one. This one will also need a yoga mat to protect the arm, painful on the bare floor otherwise.
  • I do love that there is a targeted exercise goal and I don’t have to create my own workouts.
  • It’s very user-friendly and customizable if the selections do not cater to my liking.
  • There is also a vocal coach but I would have wanted a more eager voice in getting me to move, not a biggie. I just find the voice too calm for me as a workout buddy.
  • This is definitely something I can do indoor or outdoor, at any time the moods strikes me, no equipment necessary.

Final words

I will definitely continue on with this app in the following weeks. It’s just 7 minutes of my time! I can do it fairly easily in the morning even before I’ve had my first morning coffee, while I wait for the coffee to brew! Definitely will try the next level, 7M Classic, and see if that will work my body a little more. I am eyeing the 7M Abs as well since I do want flatter abdominals.

So for this 2nd week of December, my workout regime looked like this:

My current workout with C25K and 7M Workout apps

Tune in next week when I attempt another workout regimen with another free, unsponsored, exercise app.

I’ve got a run scheduled today with my GSD and then the cooking and preparations  for Christmas Eve begins. Have you tried C25K yet? I’m currently on week 2.

Got any goals set for the New Year’s? I’d love to hear them and be your cheerleader.

Until next time.



I do not claim to be a fitness expert. If you are uncertain how to get back on track with exercise, please consult your doctor.