November’s Weekly Thankfulness Challenge: Technology

Hi.  Welcome to my last post for the November’s Weekly Thankfulness Challenge. It is a week late, I do apologize. I was consumed by a nearly all-day affair of doctor appointment last Thursday and although I had internet and wifi there, the connection was very spotty as it was inside a hospital within a military base installation. After a few attempts, I decided to occupy my time reading an ebook instead, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, no internet required. For this week’s Throwback Thursday Thankfulness Challenge, I am thankful for Technology. 

Why Technology deserves my thanks

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was lucky to have been diagnosed at an early stage and as result of, I was able to get treatments to get to wellness once again. Technology did that for me.

Every day, I am thankful that I am given another chance to be with my family and be well again, without the excruciating pain radiating on my left leg as it once did. Originally diagnosed with Sciatica symptoms, I was treated for Sciatica by my Primary Care Physician on a visual physical assessment. Several months later, months of taking prescribed meds and an additional month-long Physical Therapy to strengthen my core, I am thankful a second physician finally ordered a Radiology Diagnostic Scan of my lower spine; and, as result, an abnormal cell formation on my lower spine was found, initiating our month-long journey to proper diagnosis and cancer treatments. Technology did that for me.

Our path was not an easy one as my family moved from one location to another over the course of one month during an active school year. My eldest attended 3 different schools that year. Since there were not much studies on the type of cancer I had, I was treated similar to a stage 4 patient. I lost all my hair. I was always tired. My spinal chemo left a hole that allowed my spinal fluid out which required a procedure similar to getting an epidural on the spine to close it out. I have a darkened square on my lower back from radiation treatments, as well as an incision scar from the time I got a biopsy snd decompression surgery. Each time I got my chemo treatment, tears welled in my eyes as I felt the needle pierce thru my skin to start the flow of treatments.

It was much more a mental challenge for me, more painful than the meds I received. I was too young to have cancer I always thought as I look around me, the other patients were so much older than I. I was nauseaous after each session all day. To top it off, my treatments had the potential to create a separate cancer somewhere else in my body. But, wouldn’t you know it, I never lost my appetite and I gained so much weight during my treatments.

Years later, more distant from the experiences, I am forever grateful to have been given the strength to fight cancer and to have such a strong and supportive family who received us with open arms and shouldered some of the pain for me and my family. Technology did that for us too, as we flew thousands of miles across the sea to seek treatments and familial support, almost instantaneously. 

Final Words

This week, I heard news that my cousin lost her battle against Colon Cancer, after a year of treatments. She left behind 3 young kids, the youngest just about a year of age. The loss will be deeply felt. Death and illness are humbling. It reminds us that each day is a gift and not to forget what is most important as we chase after our dream(s).

Seven years ago, I was the fittest I have ever been in physical form since I became pregnant with my first child. Unbeknownst to me, inside was an undiscovered tumor that formed several months prior. I am lucky that I was given signs prior to it advancing to something worst. Others, like my cousin, do not experience any symptoms true to their undiscovered illnesses until diagnosed too late at Stage 3 when cancer has metastasized.

Technological advancement deserved the gratitude I give it because, without it, I would not be as I am today. I overcame Cancer because of it. I received the love and support my family and I needed because of it. Last Thursday, during my appointment, I was informed I may possibly have Hyperthyroid. I am actively pursuing the necessary steps to finally get properly diagnosed and treated, the insurance and diagnostic process will be long I know; but, it will be diagnosed in time. Technology will do that for me too. 

This marks the end of my month-long Thankfulness Challenge. I hope you have enjoyed my contribution to the Thankfulness Challenge. If you have one you’d like to share with me, please comment below and bring it to my attention. I would love to give it a read.

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Until next time.