November’s Weekly Thankfulness Challenge: The Small Wins of Motherhood

Happy Thanksgiving Day.

So, here we are on another Thursday, another #ThrowbackThursdayThankfulnessChallenge. This month of giving thanks, I have expressed my gratitude for their influences in my life: my Mom and Husband in a collab, my Grandma on my 1st week, and my Childhood on my second. Now on my third week, I am grateful for my Children.

family outing watching the sunset

We work, get too busy in the day to day living, that sometimes we lax on the acknowledging the achievements it took to raise the kids: the small (and big, of course) wins of motherhood. I celebrate my kids, for the unexpected love moments I receive throughout their lives, for the growth it has given me, for the patience I have learned, for the mental strength I have achieved, and the selfless love that makes my heart so great.

This 2018 Thanksgiving Day, I give you 18 moments I am forever grateful for my children:

  • The sound of a heart beating magnified by ultrasound. A audio confirmation I am growing another life within me and doing well.
  • The friends, in a new location (Okinawa), new in my life, that gave me a baby shower to help us start our journey with our first child.
  • Child birth, watching shows and movies with women screaming during labor scared me but all my child birth was much simpler and not as much pain as featured. I would have never known that otherwise. Every woman is different though, I was just blessed not to have gone through a much harder one.
  • The sweet smell of innocence that I can never find any other way. It’s on the feet, the head, the hands, the neck, the tummy. It’s the most wonderful natural smell. It’s etched in my memory forever.
  • The time my first child came home crying because her teacher said Santa was real and I raised her not believing. I made efforts, however hard it was, to cater to that innocence. I have a hard time lying, this was a really big lie and I had the hardest time working this in each year. (Let’s mention how upset I was that the teacher got this in my child’s head too; but, I get it though.)
  • Staying at the bus stop to watch the bus go waving goodbye because my kid wanted to see me until she can no longer. It makes me feel wanted, such a small act but such a big moment.
  • Kindness and understanding of military lifestyle, my first born was with us in the labor and delivery room because we had no sitter. We just moved to Cali, no family, no friends just yet, and was not comfortable leaving our child with anyone else.
  • Strength, when my child had to attend 3 different school within a school year because I had to get cancer treatments. This family ordeal has made her more resilient. I am so very proud of her.
  • Those nights when the kids fell asleep on my chest. No moment is as sweet as hearing that tiny breath rise and fall with your own breathing.
  • Those nights when my teens would fall asleep hugging me on the sofa. Still as sweet as when they were young.
  • Finally seeing my kids ride their bikes successfully. They were so happy and proud.
  • Impromptu current dance moves my kids do when I’m cooking in the kitchen that never fails to put a smile on my face.
  • Beautiful voices that sing all times of the day. My kids voices are beautiful reminder of the life I have imparted with them. I love hearing them sing, carefree, comfortable, and confident.
  • Education focus, because I truly believe a good solid education will get them farther in life. I don’t help my oldest with homework anymore. Virginia Beach has different public school academies to cater to different education specialty. The kids all attend an academy, which we hope will get them more prepared for college. This they decided on their own.
  • The drive and capacity to help others. We try to volunteer throughout the year. This past summer, my teen was able to volunteer at a hospital for a week, from 9 to 2 pm Monday to Friday and a whole month at a camp for kids with special needs 3 days a week for a month from 9 to 3pm.
  • Careful thoughts woven in gift selections for Mother’s Day. I usually get a basket filled with little gifts that I love. Some are handmade, which I especially love.
  • Holding hands at the mall, or other places, without fear of friends finding out. I had no problem growing up being with my parents. I never viewed it as uncool. Never. I am very proud of what my parents has done for us.
  • Walking early to have a beach picnic with the whole fam, impromptu and such a welcomed break. I watch the kids run with our GSD back and forth, the beach water lapping their feet and legs, coming home with wet clothes, day filled with beautiful laughter. We don’t get to do this often enough.


Final Words

These are but a few moments that has helped motherhood for me be so rewarding. Every day I am learning to be a better person with them. And I may not know what to say or what to do perfectly each time; but, I am capable of learning and for that, I celebrate the small wins. Because sometimes I forget that life is so much more than just the bad day or week.

Despite my inability sometimes to express myself, I know I am still a huge influence in my children’s lives. I am thankful every day for the chance to grow with them because I am a better person because of them. So much more self-less, so much more patience, so much more understanding, so much more loving, so much more expressive than before.

Sometimes, we just need a reminder we are enough. When my patience is running thin, I look back to happy moments to keep on moving forward. I lose my cool, it’s okay. I explain, apologize, move on.

So, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you are with loved ones and happy on this special day of giving thanks. May you have many more to be thankful for, not just today, but every day.

Now, I prepare for the Thanksgiving feast. Until next time.