I tried a free Blog Graphics app, and this is what happened.

I started my blog journey this year and I honestly can not believe I’m 6 months in. Ask any blogger you know and you will get an amplified testament: Wow! blogging is a lot of work! I’m not going to lie, I was initially lured in on a promise of side hustle income by ads on Facebook. Kind of like the Gold Rush of 1848, when citizens were lured to California on a promise of wealth. I will say, however, that I have indeed found a wealth of knowledge from other bloggers I’ve come to meet in my blogging journey. That, in itself, is also a great take away.

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a decade and a half and now that my kids are older and more independent, I’m thinking I got some time on my hand to develop my writing. I’ve always wanted to write but never took measures to improve it. I thought blogging is a good introduction to realizing that dream. While my journey has been pretty slow but steady, the truth is, I would probably earn money faster doing surveys for less work. Haha. Yes, I’ve done that survey route too. But then again, there is the love of writing that wills the action to keep on blogging. There is that. So I forage on equipped with more knowledge than yesterday and improved from there. For me, at this time, blogging is not a good source of side hustle income. I do intend to reenter the workforce for an additional income and get out of my normal SAHM routine. In the meantime, I find ways to rebuild and strengthen my resume.

My blog is pretty simple in design and the pre-programmed theme is aptly named SoSimple. I love the simplicity of it and so I kept the design up until current. What I find from reading other blogs is a visual is a great way to add a natural break on the flow of the post. I prefer to use my own personal pictures or graphics I’ve created with free apps on my blog. Read more about the free Watercolor Logo Maker app here.

I try not to overindulge with graphics because it does slow the page loading. So I place about a couple and post more of my ideas on Instagram. By the way, I find Instagram easier to use but not as productive at enticing viewers on my blog compared to Twitter, which is also why I have not created a post about Instagram just yet. I did post my personal experiences with Twitter, which has been shared on Pinterest 100 times, amazingly enough. Stoke about that!


I want to bring Canva to your attention.

If you have not heard of this great free app, it’s a wonderful tool to add to your blogging routine. I use it to personalize photograph before sharing the photo on my blog. I also use it to create quotes to post, when the mood strikes me. If you are looking to save on graphics for your blog, this is a good app to utilize.


Canva is a free app, very budget-friendly.

Did I already mention that? There are graphics that are for purchase but the free graphics are quite abundant, especially compared to Watercolor Logo.  My Twitter header was created using Canva, using a personal photo from when we visited Massanutten and a quote by Elbert Hubbard. Side note: Please reference your quotes that is not yours. I’ve also used Canva to create my blog’s header. (The initials of my blog title is also the same initials as my name. I’m so very nerdy that way.) There are plenty of options to choose from to create your perfect virtual canvas.

Canva offers the following options:

  • Graphics for a blank canvas or with templates, free and/or for purchase for:

    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Cover
    • Snapchat Geofilter
    • Your Story
    • Logo
    • Poster
    • Flyer
    • Invitation
    • Card
    • Photo Collage
    • Banner
    • Blog Graphic
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter Post
    • Twitter Header
    • Youtube Art
    • Presentation
    • Business Card
    • Album Cover
    • Kindle Cover
  • You can do the following with your chosen canvas:

    • Add a personal photo from your phone or pre-programmed graphics to work with
    • Change the background color
    • Add text
      • in different font
      • in different size
      • in different color
      • in different locations
      • different alternating text and size (just have to insert letter/word/graphic/ individually to be able to alter it)
    • Add a template
    • Add a page
    • Add a logo
  • With using a pre-programmed graphic on the app, you still can:

    • Personalized the text
    • Delete certain aspect of the graphics and add more to it
    • You definitely have room to personalize it.
  • The graphics you created:

    • Get saved under the tab Your Design
    • Can be saved on to your phone
    • You may remove (by clicking on the 3 dots top right-hand side of the graphic) or add at any time.
    • Can be re-edited

I prefer to use the Blank Canvas option myself these days; but, that’s a personal preference. I am not very artistic so the pre-programmed graphic was very helpful when I first started using this app. My journey is definitely a learn as you go kind of experience and my blog is ever evolving. I take pride in that. Perhaps, someday, I’ll have thousands of blog followers. For the meantime, I develop my craft and write about topics I feel is helpful to help empower others.


Do you have a favorite graphics app that is budget-friendly?  Do share. I’d love to give it a go see.

Until next time.