On Studying and Homework Assist

At the chance that you may need some assistance learning Spanish, or any class really, I’ve found a couple of useful websites to help reinforce vocabulary and verb conjugations learned in class or untraditional methods like Mango.  My teen is taking Spanish 2 this year, and though my teen earned an A in Spanish 1, it is not without it’s highs and lows. The language just does not commit to memory.  We have to adopt ways to help retain information learned by means of repetition and practice.  In comes flashcards.  Did you know that you can create personalized flashcards online for just about any subject for FREE?!

Quizlet.com is an amazing website.  (This is not a sponsored post.)

Unlike online reviewers that are pre-made and may or may not deal with current topics in class, this website offers personalized study sessions. You may create any amount of flashcard study sets with a free account.

Four things I love about Quizlet.com:

  1. It’s free.
  2. It can be personalized to reflect what’s currently being learned in class, or at the moment.
  3. It can be reedited – delete flashcard, add flashcard, correct a typo.
  4. It can be shared with fam and friends, or the world (by Twitter, Facebook, or email).  Here’s one I created to learn Relatives in Spanish vocabulary.

Here’s how you can set up your own:

  • Sign up for a free account.
  • Once logged in, click on “Create” on the header of the website.
  • Name the study set and start inputting the information you want to include in the study set.
  • You can also create folders to keep study sets organized. (I only have Spanish for now.  I’m sure I’ll have some for other subjects as well further in the school year.)
  • Edit when necessary.
  • You can also put a star beside the words that you need more help with, and it will appear more during the study session.
  • You can learn by means of:
    • Flashcard
    • Writing (Typing the answer.)
    • Matching
    • Dictation (Typing what you hear.)
    • Spelling (Typing the answer.)
    • Gravity Game (Type the answer before the asteroids hit you.)
  • Note:  You may access pre-made flashcards, no account necessary.
  • Accessible by phone or computer. (Gravity game not phone accessible.)

Aside from Quizlet, we have also started using SpanishStudy.com, which is also free. (This is not a sponsored post.)

This is a website that has pre-made reviewers, and test/quizzes to gauge progress on learned subjects. It is also free, subscription or sign up not necessary, but access is limited.  There are also several paid membership options available, including a free student membership, but with limited test and quiz options, and limited grade recordation.  For access to all the website features, there’s a $9.99/month student membership option, among other options.

Here’s what you get for free, no signup:

  • Four tabs (5 with a paid subscription):
    • Pronunciation
    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Verb Drill
  • Grammar Tab
    • 9 Units
    • Each unit offers 8-14 lessons, along with a Basic Test and Mini Test, and Oral Exercises on some, to gauge improvement.
  • Vocabulary Tab
    • 6 Units
    • Each unit offers 10 lessons, each with own set of tutorial, oral exercises, flashcard sets, matching game, quiz and test, to gauge progress.
  • Accessible by phone or computer.

Currently, this morning, after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Michael passed last night, we are safe, but we do not have school, yet again, which means, we will have more time to study and catch up with school work before the weekend fun rolls around.  My teen has been complaining about the fast pace of the curriculum lately, due likely to the missing week’s worth of school work due to Hurricane Florence. And so, we have been doing a lot of home studying to catch up on work not fully explained in class. Thank goodness for internet and helpful education websites.

I hope you are safe after Michael’s aftermath.

Until next time. Love and peace.




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    1. I try to be. There are days when it’s not so easy but given a chance to research, I can learn it enough to assist.

      Thanks for stopping by. Always appeciate your support.

    1. Thank you. I have also tried Mango, online and app. I got free access thru the milirary. Rosetta Stone is free at our library, actually audio cd and the app access, might want to check out your local library too if you are interested.

      Thank you for leaving your mark on my site. Take care.

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