Saving On Gas & Groceries

While I do enjoy certain brands more than others, I am not brand loyal to a lot of brands. I do this with the effort to save on things I use on a daily basis. And gas fuel is no different. One of the places I visit to fill up my tank is Kroger. (Don’t worry, this is not a Kroger sponsored post.) Today, I just saved $0.10/gallon on car fuel, bringing down my per gallon cost at $3.059. Yes, that is still a bit expensive, costing me a whooping $43.99 for today’s fill up. I will go even further and say that this is typically a weekly cost for me, with all the driving I do dropping off and picking kids up from an activity to the next – even more so now that I’m teaching a student driver get comfortable driving all around the city – and squeezing in my errands and bargain hunting in between. While I can shop around for the cheapest gas, possibly drive out of my way to do so, I typically fill up where convenient, and save when I can.

Some information to share to take advantage of this gas savings:

  • Sign up for a free Kroger’s loyalty rewards card.
  • When possible, use the loyalty rewards card to earn fuel points rebates shopping for groceries and giftcards at Kroger.
  • $1 spent on groceries earns 1 fuel point and 2 fuel points for every dollar spent on giftcards.
  • Participate in the survey at the bottom of each receipt and receive 50 bonus fuel points and be entered in the monthly sweepstakes. (Limit of one 50 fuel point bonus per 7 days.)
  • Every 100 fuel points earned, earns a $0.10/gallon discount.
  • Points may be redeemed up to $1 off per gallon on one fuel purchase of up to 35 gallons.
  • To redeem points, scan loyalty card or enter phone number attached to account prior to fueling at a participating Kroger or Shell gas station.
  • Fuel points earned do expire. For example, fuel points earned in the month of June, expire on July 31st. 

While I do love that I am able to drive, I don’t enjoy driving. I feel the more I’m on the road, the higher the chance of getting in an accident. I’ve already been involved in a total wreck accident once before, at no fault of mine – loss quite a bit of money in the process. This morning, on my way to dropping my teen at school, which is a 25 minute drive one way, because we missed the bus, because we had a substitute bus and did not know it and watched said substitute bus drive away, I passed by yet another car accident. One car miscalculated the speed of incoming traffic and made a left turn, hit the incoming car and caused the incoming car to topple on to its side. I did not linger to see pass the emergency vehicles already containing the accident. Big accidents triggers a rapid increase in pulse in me and makes me irritable. Not the best way to start my Wednesday; but, I’m optimistic all will be well and balance eventually by the end of the day. I do hope the people involved in the car accident this morning will be okay.

On the way home, I stopped to get gas and groceries. How fortunate that there’s a sale promotion going on at Kroger this week, unbeknownst to me: Buy 5 participating items and Save $5/5 items. I take advantage of Kroger’s special sale promotion when I can because it really does save me on groceries and at the same time, it earns me fuel points to decrease my fuel cost next time I load up.

My grocery bill today at Kroger is $67.41, with a total savings at the store of $26.52 on 35 items. I also received a $2 rebate using other rebate apps, bringing down the cost to $65.41. My favorite saving this grocery haul is the 7th Generation dish soap, which usually cost $2.69 and I was able to get 4 for $1.09 each.

I try not to wipe the shelf out so others can take advantage of the sale too. I hate going to a sale on the day it started and finding the shelf empty! So, I try to be mindful of that and “do unto others” as the saying goes.

My choice for dish soap, when possible

Other items I thought were a great price:

  • So Delicious Organic Coconut Milk (half gallon) $1.99
  • Sllk Cashew Milk (half gallon–1st time trying) $1.99
  • Cascadian Organic Cereal (10-12 0z) $1.99 +$1/2 digital coupon and $1/2 rebate app
  • Juicy Juice (64 oz) $0.99
  • Nabisco Crackers $1.49
  • Snuggle Dryer Sheets (70 sheets) $1.99 + $0.50 digital coupon
  • Bigelow Tea (18 pieces/box) $1.49

Some useful information to maximize the savings at Kroger:

  • Sign up for a free Kroger loyalty rewards card.
  • Activate account online or via app.
  • Attached the card to a phone number, to access account at checkout without the actual loyalty rewards card, in case you forget.
  • Utilize digital coupons provided by Kroger online or on the app.  Once coupon is activated and loaded, they are automatically deducted off during checkout.
  • Utilize rebate apps for additional savings. One I love to use is Ibotta. (I get a referral bonus if you sign up thru me and you get a $10 bonus for signing up.)
  • Take advantage of the special sale promotions happening, especially on non perishable food.
  • I find the Kroger app more convenient to use than online, it’s also free. I can check out the sale prior to shopping at the store, as well load coupons on to my account and create a grocery list. I usually just load the coupon while at the store though.  

Final words

I love one-stop shops but I know from experience, to maximize the savings I have to scavenge at different stores to do so. Getting gas and grocery are essentials to me and being able to get them both at one location is a plus for me. It not only decreases the time I have to spend on the road – decreasing my accident risk, it saves me time for other things waiting to get done on my to-do list(s).

I am interested in finding out just how much I spend on grocery with a vegan and non vegan family members to feed. If you are too, please check it out here

Until next time.


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