How Goes It with the Vegan Diet and Health Issues?

I started the Vampire Diaries series on Netflix recently, first time watching, in an effort to trigger other shows on my feed. While I do love being able to watch shows continuously, as opposed to waiting a week for the next episode, I just wish that I had better control on what goes on my feed.  Since watching Meteor Garden with my teens, my feed has been occupied with international shows and movies, where I have to read subtitles to understand.  I don’t mind it, and rather appreciate learning about other cultures, but sometimes it’s good to watch movies in english too, for when I can’t keep my eyes open when I’m resting.  Sometimes silence is deafening and background tv noise keeps me company.  I’ve tried typing random letters on the search bar to find other shows but it only gives me a couple of pages to choose from each search attempt, the selections may or may not contain the letters I typed.  Bottom line, I just simply have to know what to look for in order to find a show outside of my feed.

This morning, while sipping avocado banana smoothie and watching S1E18, I couldn’t help but compare myself to a particular scene, where Stefan stares at a glass of blood, the close proximity of temptation tearing down his resolve.  He’s gotten a taste of it prior to this particular scene, after several years without, and is now struggling to deny the cravings to drink human blood.  It’s funny that I see myself this way, but it seems comparable at the moment with my experience with switching to a vegan diet.  The struggle is real. And yes, I do enjoy watching vampires, werewolves and zombies.  (I have also started the first episode of Walking Dead Season 8.)

I’ve been vegan over a year and the smell of steak right in front of me is still inviting to me.  This summer was extra tough too with all the bbq grills all fired up by my neighbors.  A whiff of fried chicken driving pass a restaurant still makes my stomach growl of want.  I don’t know about other’s experiences, but to this day, I still miss meat.  Is that weird that I can’t seem to shake it off my system after a year?  It doesn’t help, of course, that meat is all around me, being the only vegan in my family.  I still cook it because I feel it’s unfair to force a certain diet on anyone and not be given a choice.  When I attend a party and have nothing to eat, I remember that feeling.  I don’t want anyone to be deprived that way.  I waited 42 years to switch to a vegan diet, everyone should be given the same fair chance to decide on their own when and if they should. Certainly, cooking vegan meals has made my family part vegan too.

A year ago, I was so sure I would not be able to give up meat since my diet is predominantly meat and carbs. I have successfully given it up but I still crave it.  In replace, my diet is filled with carbs, some of which are empty, which is still not good. There is definitely plenty of room for improvement.  I have to dig deeper into my cooking skill to reach my potential.  Check out my 10 easy vegan meals.  Rice and bread is still a big part of my vegan diet. I’m still trying to psych myself into switching my rice to cauliflower.  To optimize myself, I will need to control the carbs.  I am working on it.

Other simple improvements I’m incorporating into my normal routine:

  • switching from white granulated sugar to coconut sugar – I still want baked goods and coffee, might as well work on improving it.  
  • switching from jasmine rice to brown rice – I even figured out the ratio of water and brown rice to cook it in my rice cooker, as opposed to cooking it in a pot, which is what I used to do.  I have also used quinoa as rice replacement.
  • taking probiotics again, advised by my doctor because of the medicine I’m currently taking – It’s supposed to make my stomach happier.
  • experimenting on creating my own vegetable broth that is not tomato based and made with less sodium – I love soup.
  • roasting or boiling my own nuts for snacks
  • minimizing fried foods – french fries is one of my weakness
  • switching to alkaline water, at my husband’s request because he believes it will be good for me – I just buy bottles for now but eventually will bring gallon containers to save a bit.  Alkaline machines are quite expensive for me at the moment.  Let’s see if it makes a difference first.
  • replacing some of the pasta carbs with vegetable noodles cut with a vegetable spiralizer
  • being on top of my medical issues and listening more to my body
  • staying off the couch and moving more

Earlier this morning, I got my thyroid function blood test result.  The good news is that although my TSH level is low, I do not have signs of malfunctioning thyroid at this time. My MRI follow up appointment yesterday also shows improvement from the first MRI but triggered more test, a potential biopsy may also be on queue.  Previous blood tests are good.  Mammogram results still pending but should be in soon.  The medical issue from last week is now resolved.  However, the question remains unanswered as to why I am so tired all the time and why I am having issues with my eyes.  I got more blood drawn today for more testing to compare and monitor the progression or regression of my issue. For now, I will have to just ride the waves and follow the doctors’ order. Yes, I may be vegan but illnesses do not discriminate.

In the mean time, I am seeing some improvement in my energy level and I’m starting to write on my blog again, after a month hiatus, as well as read other blogs and books.  I’m taking advantage of this sudden spike of energy to write and connect.  I am feeling and staying optimistic.


4 thoughts on “How Goes It with the Vegan Diet and Health Issues?”

    1. Hi, Tammy. Thank you for the nomination. It’s definitely a boost of confidence when efforts get noticed and appreciated. Thank you for that. I will work on my post soon as I can.

      I have recently watched the document about Keto diet on Netflix and I honestly think it is harder than vegan diet! The thought of minimal carbs for me is scary. haha. But I can see why it works for many. It’s a very healthy diet. I recently switched to using olive oil as my main cooking oil, because of the documentary. I didn’t realize canola was that bad. But kudos to you for being able to stick to it. How long has it been since you switched?

      As for the Vampire Diaries, I am now on season 4! Got a few more seasons to go. But i’ve been known to finish a series in about 2 weeks as you, over the summer.

  1. Glad that they haven’t found anything serious, but the fatigue is concerning for sure. Try to do the best you can, but also give yourself space and time to rest and veg out. With my MS fatigue issues, I find I do much better if I cut up my exercise in small chunks. So instead of taking a longer walk, I do like 5 or 10 minutes of weeding, or I clean up a bit of laundry or I do a few squats and then sit down again.

    The meat issue? I am vegetarian and don’t really miss meat anymore, but I would have a way harder time giving up cheese and eggs. I guess I don’t have any advice but to hang in there!

    1. Thanks, Karen. My energy level is increasing lately. So that is definitely a good sign. Still working with my doctors to figure out what’s wrong with me.

      I find I do the same as you. I vacuum, then rest, wash the dishes, then rest, walk my dog, then rest. I used to do things one after another just before the kids go back home from school, so I can focus on helping them with homework. Now, I sit by them and I get really sleepy and have to take naps. Maybe it’s just plain getting old. haha.

      P.S. I miss eggs and cheese so much. Vegan cheese and eggs does not compare.

      Take care.

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