The Chronicles of a new blogger: Twitter Edition

At the time of this post, my blog is 2.5 months old.  It certainly feels older than that.  The work poured in to creating each piece that makes the solid base for it has certainly required a lot of out of me.  I am not complaining, although I know there is a tinge in that, I am just stating the fact of which I have been privy to. I have met quite a number of people riding the same currents as I progress on establishing my own artistic pursuits.  I can’t help but compare myself to their progress and often doubt my capacity to go thru the motion of writing effectively.  I have no writer’s degree, you see.  In fact, my educational background is Accounting, which one does not automatically correlate with writing.  But here I am writing away regardless, putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, bearing whatever emotions is attached to each offering, open for the world to see.

For some, writing comes easy, or at least make it look easy.  Their words flows more fluidly, almost a sing-song, effectively transcending their messages from a thousand miles across and I can’t help feel jealous of their ability to be such an effective communicator.  How does one not dilute the care woven into the words that makes each piece?  It’s a work of art, I know, and one I have yet to master.  A partial hope of mine for this blog is to help me develop into a writer.  There is work to be done, of that I am sure.

In the 2.5 months that I have been trying to establish my blog, I have worked on different social medias.  By far, Twitter has been the best at successfully inviting readers onto my site.  I am forever grateful for those that continue to support me and my work.  It’s not easy to bare your soul for all to see.  I started using Twitter back in 2011, 7 years ago, for the purpose of following businesses I love to get updates on.  I go on it every so often, there were years when I totally forgotten it, and eventually, turned the account around and attached it to my blog.  And ever since, I have been trying to be as active in socializing on it as time, and work load, allow.

As a new blogger, my ride has not been smooth sailing. Honestly, I don’t think it’ll ever be. The developmental stages will always be in effect. I have much to learn and I try to learn from those who have come before me. Each experience uniquely their own.

Naturally, I have my own blogger experiences with Twitter and they are these:

  • You will meet people DMing you, who have no idea you are a blogger or care to read any of your work.  Some even ask what my name is and where I’m from, both of which are clearly stated on my profile, as well as the words “Wife” and “SAHM”.  All there there for is to hook up with someone on a love relationship level.  And that is fine, I get it; unfortunately, I’m not fine when it targets me.  Some will be very persistent. I should not have to change my profile pic to avoid attracting the wrong attention, I know.  I just would rather not deal with it.  So, my teen created a logo for me with a free app called Watercolor Logo and for a while I had a logo for my profile pic.  And honestly, it worked until I was ready to switch to a real photo again. *Note: you can filter your dm by reading your personal email attached to your Twitter account, which I now do.  
  • I have met someone who is riding on someone’s fame before.  I didn’t know at first that his account was fake. I know, I know.  He then tells me that his sponsor wants to send me a new iPhone 10.  All  I had to do was wire him $50.  Now, $50 is a lot of money to me, who is trying to be debt free, and I have a phone so I don’t need to fork out money to get a new one.  I started researching.  Once I found out more, I confronted him and asked him straight out if his site was legit.  Gave him a chance to answer.  I have not heard from him since. Watch out for scammers. (That particular account and email is now gone.)
  • I have noticed the Follow and Unfollow game.  Sometimes, when I reciprocate a follow, I get unfollowed almost immediately.  I have noticed people with thousands of followers and only follow 100 on Twitter.  I find that is usually a good indication I will be unfollowed, especially if I didn’t initiate the request.  As a new blogger, I want to surround myself with supportive people.  I shouldn’t care about the number count, I know; but, the truth is that I associate number count with potential views, it’s true. I am, after all, essentially selling my work.  I’m very good at reciprocating support because I know just how it makes me feel when someone cares enough, most especially when they leave a comment on a post of mine.
  • When I’m not writing a blog post, I read other blogs to learn and to show support. I usually just click on my feed, but I noticed this just give me a sample of the people I follow.  So I like to randomly choose from my Follower page too to visit individual blogs.  I try to leave a comment on Twitter and on the blog post, when I can.  I noticed though that not everyone I leave a comment for reciprocate the effort.  I’m still coming to terms with this.  Such is the life of a blogger.  Not everything I write passionately about will resonate with others.
  • There are a lot of bloggers on Twitter with the same goals as me and most are very supportive because they also know what it takes to start from the bottom up.  This is a great way to learn about their blog and learn from their experiences as well.
  • Every Fridays, a few bloggers starts a #FF post.  This is a great way to feature your work and earn followers.  While I like to claim I have earned each one of my 1.3k followers, the truth is that other bloggers are just very supportive and willing to show their support by following.  I love that too.  If I have every one of my follower read my blog post, my blog views would be thru the roofs.  Haha.
  • Using too many hashtags (#) is a sure way to get passed over.  I’ve noticed post with no hashtags at all that reach thousands of likes.
  • I prefer to use my Twitter on my laptop, which gives me the option to see my Twitter Activity under Analytics.  This allows me to see the impression I have made daily, weekly, or monthly.  In the past 28 days, it says I have made a 78.0K impressions on Twitter.  If only that 78k clicked on my blog too.
  • I like to reciprocate Follows but I have noticed that some are hidden lower in my Follower page.  I have to scroll down to find them.   I would prefer that it be shown on the top of the page but it’s not always so.
  • I have created one list entitled ” Supportive Bloggers” where I get updates on several chosen followers.  I’d like to add more to the list and create other lists in the future.  My list is interaction dependent.  I appreciate connections when I come upon solid ones.
  • At times, I like a post for the purpose of reading it later, when I can’t read it at that very moment.  Then I go back to my Like page later when I do have the time to read the articles.  It’s my way of making a note, especially handy when I don’t have a notebook on hand.  It’s hard to search later on, since a new content from any of those I follow get posted every second.  I have to scroll down a lot of posts to find it later on otherwise.
  • There really is no magic potion to how to increase followers on Twitter.  It is dependent on work ethics and developing with your craft, especially if you want to turn your efforts to solid blog views.  At least, have a decent profile pic to avoid being passed over on follow request and make good use of the limited space on the profile stats that highlight your goals.  This is a great opportunity to attract like-minded individuals to your blog.

Writing, for me, is a journey.  Up to this point, I am enjoying it’s comings and goings, the roundabouts, the turmoil of emotions, the defiance against the fear of the unknown or of not being loved.  The struggles and doubts are real and raw.  I am looking forward to knowing just how far I will reach with my blog.  There certainly is a lot of work involved and much to learn.  I find networking and marketing the hardest in the equation, being an introvert; but, I am willing to learn more and improve. If you are one who has successfully figured out the equation to blogging with the help of Twitter, I would love to hear more from you and how it can help me and others.  Do share and comment below. Writing about free education, self-empowerment, is a passion of mine.

If you love what you have read here, by all means, please check the rest of my blog out. I have divided my post by categories.  I would very much love your support.  If you care to comment, please do.  I would love to hear from you.  If you have a blog post you feel very passionate about (Congratulations on your blog btw!) please bring it to my attention.  I would love to check it out.  Take care and stay blessed.

12 thoughts on “The Chronicles of a new blogger: Twitter Edition”

  1. This is a great post. It definitely resonates with me. All my life, I have loved writing. I struggle with the art of it and that is what convinces me most that I AM a writer. You are a writer because you say you are, because you are honing your craft, because you have a blog and because – like all true artists – you doubt yourself. Writers who aren’t artists, write without obsessing if their words change the landscape of the world. They simply write. Those of us who lose sleep after we hit the publsih button or panic after submitting our freelance work are the real deal. Knowing this doesnt make me a Hemingway, but it does justify my passion. You are a talented writer. Keep pushing ahead and writing through every emotion. The world will recognize your authenticity and skill. Thank you for the Twitter advice. I am constantly on the lookout for financial scammers! I loved reading your work!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for the very kind and uplifting words. I need the affirmation at time to make myself believe every effort will eventually pay off. It’s terrying to open up. I’m so glad that I was able to transcend my emotions effectively. Every day is definitely an opportunity to learn and hone my skills. You have a bless day. Take care.

    1. Yes, I can not believe it’s been 2.5 months now! I’m happy to be doing what I do. Have met numerous people of different background, all very supportive of one another. Thank you as always for your support, Kris.

  2. GREAT post. I’ve seen a lot of the same things on Twitter and you are definitely right about the hashtags! I pass tweets by if there are lots of hashtags.

    Also, for what it’s worth, you are a beautiful writer already, but I can’t wait to watch you grow.

    1. Thank you, Ms. Ruth for taking the time and reading my work and for leaving your mark on my blog, as well as for the uplifting compliment. I appreciate your support. Stay Bless.

  3. Daisy this is a great post and with so much truth in it about the life of a blogger and your experience on Twitter. I have also had a lot of the same experiences since starting my own blog. I am so glad we connected on Twitter and I appreciate all you do to support me. Your blog is great and I can tell that you are moving forward all the time. I look forward to many more years of blogging with you.

    1. Hi. Thank you so much, Ms. Andrea for stopping by and leaving your mark on my blog. I always appreciate your support and I too am very fortunate to have met you on Twitter. I have enjoyed reading your blog as well and may we both progress beautifully in all our endeavours. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Stay bless.

  4. Great post! Congrats on 2.5 months of blogging. You have done so well and I feel like this post really represents Twitter and how it works with bloggers. I definitely find that Twitter is the best social media platform to bring people to my blog. The follow/unfollow trend is annoying for sure, but at least we all know how to spot those accounts now to avoid giving them more followers. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Sarah. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your mark on my blog. I’m slowly establishing my Instagram account and eventually will have a separate post about it, but I find Twitter to be more friendly, people are more chatty. I am enjoying seeing your pics on Insta about your themed dinner. That’s is pretty cool. Great job as well on your 30 day challenge. Take care.

  5. Hello Daisy

    Hope you are well. Are you still heading to the gym?

    Guess how I came across your blog? Through Andrea Joy. Shows how supportive the Twitter family can be.

    I guess the only two cents I can give is to be natural and enjoy the process. I am also new myself and I just enjoy what I do! It gets me far.

    Keep it up!

    1. Hi. I am sad to say that I have not gone to the gym since coming back from our NC trip. haha. I wish I can motivate myself to drive there. It definitely helps when I have a gym buddy but alas, my husband gets so busy at work and prefers to rest when he is home. We do our usual walking our dog but that is usually it for workouts with him.

      Yes, Ms. Andrea has been such a great supportive blogger, not just for me but for many other bloggers. She’s definitely a gem in the blogging community.

      I’m definitely trying to enjoy the process of blogging and everyday is another day to learn and improve. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your mark on my blog. I appreciate the support.

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