3% Cashback on Dog Supplies. Free and Legit. Here’s how.

Recently, I found that I can get a 3% cash back on my online pet supplies purchases made at Amazon.com. Now I have been using Ebates for a few years; but, in the 3 years I’ve had my GSD, I did not realize I can receive a cash back percentage on my pet supplies.  I love Ebates and save a quite a bit on my online purchases using it; but, it does not offer cash back on pet supplies. Raising and loving a GSD can get pretty pricey. Read 17 must-have items for raising a dog.  So every bit of legit and stressless discounts helps, most especially if it is offered to me for free. A 3% rebate may not seem a lot at first; but if I’m buying big ticket items, like a good ecollar, 3% is a big savings.  Here’s how you can save too.

Ibotta offers a 3% rebate on pet supplies bought at Amazon.com. This app is free to use and offers rebates on both online and in-store shopping. I save quite a bit on groceries using this app made at Walmart, Target, Kroger, among many other grocery chains. You can initially sign up online but you will need a mobile device to shop online and save. For in store purchases, you will need your mobile device to scan barcodes, not all the time, and receipts to submit for the rebates. Internet is needed to use this app.  It is very easy to use.

Online purchases made thru Ibotta is automatically calculated.  There’s a grace period to confirm the purchase.  Once it’s confirmed, the savings is added to your account.  The minimum redemption threshold on Ibotta is $20 that can then be transferred to a Paypal account or exchanged for a gift card to popular businesses, no extra charge.  Paypal is also free if you are considering signing up. 

*If you sign up for an Ibotta account with my referral code, you will get a $10 signup bonus and I get a $5 referral bonus.  Once you sign up for one, promote your referral code as well and you will also get a bonus for each successful referral made thru you.  

If you are not earning cash back on your purchases, this is a great legit and free way to do so.

What are ways you save on online purchases?

2 thoughts on “3% Cashback on Dog Supplies. Free and Legit. Here’s how.”

  1. If I had a pet, I would totally do this! (Does a pet husband count, lol?)

    Seriously, if you’re going to buy pet food every month, why not take advantage of a way to get it cheaper?

    Those savings will add up and you can use the cash you save to grow your retirement nest egg. Over time, those small contributions really make a difference due to the magic of compounding!

    1. Lol. I wish coupons were available for fresh food, especially meat, to save on my husband’s grocery bill.

      I agree, every bit of savings help. Dog supplies can get pricey for me with such a large dog. And to be honest, we just pretty much own the basics. We give him more love and attention in replace to avoid chews toys for one.

      Thank you for stopping by and making a mark on my blog. I appreciate it.

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