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I have met quite a number of amazing people on Twitter since the start of my blog in May 2018.  I’m not going to lie, blogging is hard work, networking is even harder.  So, I am happy that being new and all, I got noticed by these 4 amazing bloggers and got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  Thank you @Juliet_Ly@Frugal_Husband, @InsecureHW, and @BustinOutBeauty for your thoughtful gestures and being ever so supportive of my newbie self.  My blog is developing along with all your help and support.  Please check their individual blogs as they offer great reads for you.  You won’t be disappointed you did.

What exactly is a Sunshine Blogger Award?

It is is an award given to creative, positive and inspiring bloggers by other appreciative bloggers for continuously reaching out and spreading rays of sunshine in the blogging community. Awardees are given 11 questions to answer to help readers learn more about the blogger.

My 11 Question and Answer Portion

1. – Juliet Ly: Favorite Song at the Moment?

“Never Enough” from the Greatest Showman soundtrack has been stuck in my head ever since watching the movie 2 nights ago.  I’m singing it right now as I’m typing this post.

2. – Frugal Husband: What made you want to get into blogging?

I was looking for a creative outlet.  I have been a stay at home mom for 16 years now and my life has been dedicated to them, so I wanted something I could call my own.  A passive income from it would be a nice addition to, as well.

3. – BustinOutBeauty: If you could pick up and go on an all expense paid vacation anywhere in the world, right this moment, where would you go?


4. – Insecure Housewife: If you could go on an all-expense shopping spree, what would be the first thing that you’d buy?

I would buy a brand new home, never been lived in.  I’m tired of things breaking in my house and having to repair or replace.

5.  – Juliet Ly: What/Who inspired you to start blogging?

I got sold on those ads I see on Facebook about blogging and making $10,000/month passive income. I’m like, okay, let’s give it a year and see. If are interested in self-hosting your blog, I am currently using Blue Host.

6. – Frugal Husband: What is your favorite social media platform?

Twitter.  As of today, 7/14, I officially passed 1K followers! The blogger community is amazingly supportive.  In addition to the 4 people that nominated me, reach out to @SavingJoyfully, @CandoHannitude, @RuthinRevolt, @RealFamJourney. They are great people too.

7. – BustinOutBeauty: What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Vanilla.  I know very basic.  I enjoy the versatility of this flavor.  It’s the base of all the other ice cream flavor.

8. – Insecure Housewife: When you go camping, do you prefer a tent or an RV?

Just between the two, RV.  Given more options, I prefer a cabin with ac and a full bathroom.  Haha

9. – Juliet Ly: What was the last book you read?

Soldier of Finance by Jeff Rose, CFP.   Stay tuned for my post on what I learned from this.

10. – Frugal Husband: Can you name a random fact about yourself?

No. Haha.  Okay, I have 44 1st cousins!  Yes, my grandparents loved to procreate.

11. – BustinOutBeauty: What is your favorite way to unwind and relax?

Somewhere near water, beach preferably, as honestly, I’m afraid of bacteria that can be found in fresh water.

Each of the bloggers that nominated me for the Blogger Sunshine Award have also been nominated themselves.  Please check their individual websites to also learn more about them.

Thank you for reading.



4 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award”

    1. Yes! A lot of people are putting it down though. I don’t think they realize they are essentially eating vanilla ice cream, just flavored. haha

  1. I still haven’t watched The greatest showman yet but I heard so many good things about it! And you have 44 first cousins!?! That’s a huge family. I come from a big family too but I lost count how many first cousins I have…

    1. Yes, girl! We are a huge family. Add to that extended family and friends. Get togethers is rough when everyone agrees to come. Haha. No one’s house is every big enough for the holidays. Thank you for reading my post and for the nomination. I appreciate your time supporting me.

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