Summer vacation fitness quest: Day 9

If you have been following my gym workout progress, you will notice that there is no Day 8 posted on my blog. I promise you there was a Day 8. I just got busy and forgot to post it. It was the last day, until today, that I worked out, making it 1 gym workout in the 2 previous weeks. Really, I am so bad at going to the gym, preferring as always to stay active outdoors. I did, however, stayed active everyday. I definitely feel great having been to the gym and sweat out! Feeling pretty good getting myself there especially since I had to go it alone today. Getting me to the gym is the hardest part; but once there, I might as well make good use of my time. I’m glad I didn’t wait to change my mind and went right after I dropped my teen at her volunteer event this early a.m. Cost of gym = free.

So, I was feeling a little jealous not being able to row yesterday with the kids as there is a maximum of 3 “adults” allowed in the canoe; but technically, only 2 can effectively row. I sat on the bottom floor of the canoe, just absorbing the scenery, trying to forget my fear of toppling over. It’s not easy trusting your well being in the hands of others, let alone kids. Haha. I focused on the view. Screamed a few times. Got stuck between tree branches protruding in the water. I let the kids do all the work and overall, it was a great experience. The kids’ rowing went from terrifying to being steady and able to steer the canoe to avoid obstacles. I just had to have faith they’d learn it. (Tip: please use a cushion if sitting on the bottom of the canoe.  It is available and included in the rental.) 

My Wish List

To tone my arms and abdominals. This is where I mostly store my fat. Everything else that gets toned along the way is a plus.

My Chosen Activity for Today

  • Concept 2 Rowing = 17 minutes, 3,209 meters
  • Abdominal = 3 repetitions of 30 counts each
  • Seated Row = 3 repetitions of 30 counts each

Day 9 of my Gym Workout Toning Quest was a Success

For the last 2 workouts, I have been going with my teen and have enjoyed bonding with her. You can read my Day 7 workout here. I had to go it alone today and I must say, I have to give myself a pat in a back for even being at the gym. After a 2 week break, I’m starting to lose the belief I’d ever get myself in there. Outdoor is so much more enticing, especially at such a beautiful sunny weather. This morning registered at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and windy. I very much enjoyed the walk with my GSD this morning. I barely broke a sweat.

I usually start my workout with a cardio so I headed up the second floor of Rockwell Hall Fitness Center at Little Creek. Because I missed out on activating my rowing muscles yesterday, I opted for the rowing machine today. I had to take a break at 10 minutes into it as my Trapezius Muscle was feeling very tight. (I had to search the proper term for this muscle btw.) I got a good sweat out of this machine today and ended doing 3,000+ meters in 17 minutes.

Where I got the most workout on this machine:

  • Whole Arm and Hands
  • Whole Legs and Feet

After, I headed to the Weight Room and use a couple of machines for a more targeted workout, which were Abdominal and Seated Row.

Abdominal Workout Machine at Little Creek Gym
Shoulder Blades Workout Machine at Little Creek Gym

Total time at the gym = 45 minutes.

A More Scenic Alternative Approach to Exercise

Rowing machine exercise can be replicated canoeing at Northwest River Park in Chesapeake. Originally we planned to canoe at Stumpy Lake Natural Area, which was much closer; but, there were no canoe rental kiosk set up yet this year at the location. So we moved to Northwest River Park. The water is murky and smaller than Stumpy Lake’s but the view is beautiful regardless. Canoe rental is $6/hour and has two spots for 2 rowers, one on each end. An adult is required to be with the minor per rental. Since some of the kids wanted to Canoe and some wanted to Paddleboat, I was the one that went with the Canoers and my sister-in-law went with the Paddleboaters.

Canoeing at Northwest River Park

Notes on renting a canoe:

  • You have to unload it off the canoe rack yourself, which is conveniently placed by the water.
  • You will need a person to hold it in place by the water wall so each person can get in.  If you are comfortable without the canoe being  unstable, this is then totally optional.
  • Loading the canoe back to the canoe rack is harder than unloading as you have to flip it and then push it back up to the rack. It’s not hard per se, but you will get a little workout if you are the lone adult doing the work. I had another adult help me.
  • 2 Adults and 2 little kids can fit in the canoe.

Others amenities available on site:

  • Camping: $21 non electric and $26 electric 
  • Glamping: $75/night, may have additional fees
  • Fishing: Fresh water fishing license is required for 16 years and older. A trout license may also be required. (They do not sell fishing licenses.)
  • Paddleboating: $5 per 1/2 hour 
  • Kayaking: $10/hr
  • Biking: $5/hr
  • Hiking
  • Picnicking
  • Mini Golfing: $3/person

Notes when visiting this park:

  • There’s a store that sells snacks, ice cream and drinks; but not much else of more substance. This became an issue when we were hungry for lunch and we got a flat tire. So for a couple of hours, we did with drinks and snacks, while we waited for the flat tire to get fixed. Thank goodness for the available recreational activities or the kids would have been so bored. The downside, it does cost money to do each one, except hiking. What would have been a canoeing trip became an all day trip.
  • Stores are quite a bit of a drive from this park. My husband found a Food Lion and Chicho’s Pizza about 2o minutes down the road and brought us pizza when they came back with the fixed tire.
  • They accept most major credit cards and cash.
  • There are wood and s’mores ingredients sold at the store.
  • Bring bug spray and sun screen.
  • My internet connection was pretty bad at this location. I wish I had updated my music file. I couldn’t access Spotify or Pandora or YouTube to listen to some tunes. 

Northwest River Park and Campground is located at 1733 Indian Creek Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322. It is 763 acres big. It opens at 9 am and closes at sunset.

I do not get any compensation promoting this place.

Please consider consulting with your doctor prior to starting a workout regimen. Your doctor(s) will know more about your health history and can help you transition into a workout that will best suit you. Always listen to your body. It should tell you if it has had enough.

I can’t be the only one struggling to get herself into a gym to workout.  How do you motivate yourself to keep on going?

Until next time.




2 thoughts on “Summer vacation fitness quest: Day 9”

  1. I have never been able to get myself to a gym! I am far ti self conscious so I highly commend you for going! I have done weights a few times with my husband at home but I find I would rather run five miles a day then do weights…even though I really really need to suck it up and give it a go haha! I have always wanted to try canoeing though, it seems like so much fun.

    1. I’m not a gym workout person as well, most especially because it cost money plus I have to waste 20 minutes just getting there. I just my mind on the way seeing Marshall’s or some other stores I’d rather walk in. LOL Running outdoors is actually great. The fresh air is so very good for the body.

      I think the biggest fear for me is that the water was not clear when we canoed. If we tip over I don’t know what lurks within. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. I appreciate your support.

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