I tried a free foreign language app, and this is what happened.

I’m always on a lookout for free legit educational resources. And as I was researching free surfing lessons I heard was available in our area, I happened to fall upon a website called MangoLanguage.com.  I’m happy to announce that this site offers free access to military fams: active, reserve, and retired. This is a great opportunity to learn a foreign language and up your marketability, think more employment opportunities opening up by being bilingual or trilingual, and so forth. This language learning platform offers a free trial, after which, the monthly membership fee is $19.99 or $199.99 annually.  So, I just save myself $199.99 this year!  Access to this site may be offered for free by your local public library as well. However, although my public library offers so many benefits, it does not offer Mango Language. Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel the world and be able to speak each country’s language?  Well, now you can have the tool to realize that dream into a reality.

Foreign Language classes are introduced in middle school here in Virginia. My kids started in middle school with their chosen foreign language and plan to continue all through high school. Read more about the benefits of kids learning a second language here. But for little old me, according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), there are studies showing a correlation between bilingualism and the offset of age-related cognitive losses.

I have tried DuoLingo and Rosetta Stone prior and of the three, personally, I find Mango the best in terms of its ability to reinforce the words and complete conversational sentences. Here’s why:

  • It gives Culture and Grammar Notes to help explain the word or grammar usage.
  • I not only learn individual words, I learn how to carry realistic conversations in complete sentences, both in formal and informal forms.
  • Prior to the start of each Chapter, there is a conversation sample to prepare me for what I will be learning within the chapter.
  • Each chapter has a review and a quiz to quantify how much of the lesson I have absorbed, which I can retake if I’m not happy with the score, as well as view which of the questions I’ve gotten wrong.
  • There is a placement test available to determine where to start you off on your lesson. You will need to switch to Classic Site to take advantage of this, and this feature is not available on the app version.  
  • The Classic Site also offers games to play with to make learning a little bit more fun for adults and kids alike. 
  • Can learn more than one language.  It will save and resume from where you left off when you switch back to it.
  • Can create up to 5 user profiles under 1 account to individualize learning experience.
  • As an added bonus, there is a translator too.  I can translate any language into another language for a quick translation of a word(s).

I am specifically interested in learning Spanish; but, there are 70 languages offered at Mango Language.  Learning a language is self-paced on this site, so how fast you can learn a language will be dependent on your time and effort. The website quotes an approximate of 3 months to complete a unit with a daily 20-40 minute study practice.  At 4 units, 3 months each, it will take a year for me to finish the Spanish Lessons in its entirety, if I keep at it.

Below you will find a breakdown of what lessons are available for the Spanish language.

Unit 1: Building the basics (10 Chapters, each with a Review and Quiz; 60 Lessons)

  • Chapter 1: Greetings, Gratitudes, and Goodbyes (4 )
  • Chapter 2: Do you speak English (5 )
  • Chapter 3: Names and Introductions (4 )
  • Chapter 4: Getting Around (6 )
  • Chapter 5: Shopping and Payment (8)
  • Chapter 6: Drinks and Dining (8)
  • Chapter 7: Numbers and Currency (8)
  • Chapter 8: Getting Help (8)
  • Chapter 9: What does that mean? (4)
  • Chapter 10: Languages and communication (5)
  • Unit test: 20 minutes (approximately)

Unit 2: Expanding the Essentials (10 Chapters, each with a Review and Quiz; 123 Lessons)

  • Chapter 11: People and Animals (11)
  • Chapter 12: At Home (9)
  • Chapter 13: Small Talk (11)
  • Chapter 14: Dating (13)
  • Chapter 15: Eating and Cooking (15)
  • Chapter 16: Weather and Landscapes (15)
  • Chapter 17: Shopping (17)
  • Chapter 18: Banking and Post Office (11)
  • Chapter 19: Leisure Activities (12)
  • Chapter 20: Sightseeing (9)
  • Unit Test: 20 minutes (approximately)

Unit 3: Broadening Boundaries (10 Chapters, each with a Review and Quiz; 132 Lessons)

  • Chapter 21: At the Hospital (14)
  • Chapter 22: Culture, Literature, and Art (12)
  • Chapter 23: History (10)
  • Chapter 24: Express Thoughts, and Feelings (9)
  • Chapter 25: Higher Learning (12)
  • Chapter 26: Name Origins (14)
  • Chapter 27: Dietary Restrictions (18)
  • Chapter 28: Physical Descriptions (14)
  • Chapter 29: Getting Ready for the Party (16)
  • Chapter 30: Sports and Fitness (13)
  • Unit Test: 20 minutes (approximately)

Unit 4: Continuing with Confidence (10 Chapters, each with a Review and Quiz; 168 Lessons)

  • Chapter 31: Going Through Customs (14)
  • Chapter 32: At the Hotel (22)
  • Chapter 33: Renting a Home (15)
  • Chapter 34: Utilities and Appliances (21)
  • Chapter 35: Choosing a School (20)
  • Chapter 36: Emergency Situations (17)
  • Chapter 37: Household Chores (15)
  • Chapter 38: At the Beauty Salon (14)
  • Chapter 39: Making Plans (13)
  • Chapter 40: At the Movies (17)
  • Unit Test: 20 minutes (approximately)
  • Course Assessment: 45 minutes (approximately)

Specialty Courses

  • Legal: 1 Chapter (15)
  • Text Talk: 1 Chapter (3)
  • Medical: 2 Chapters, each with a Chapter Review; 27 Lessons
    • Diabetes (16)
    • Medication (11)
  • Romance: 1 Chapter (8)
  • Business: 5 Chapters, each with a Chapter Review; 47 Lessons
    • Business Social (10)
    • Greetings/Introductions (9)
    • Meetings/Conference Calls (9)
    • Presentations (9)
    • Negotiations (10)
  • Spanish for Librarians: 5 Chapters, each with a Chapter Review; 41 Lessons
    • Obtaining a Library Card (12)
    • Help at the Reference Desk (8)
    • Accessing Resources (6)
    • What Activities are Happening at the Library? (10)
    • Job Search (5)

MangoLanguage.com really takes their learners step by step to teach them the language.  As a bonus, my kid is enjoying playing games on it while reviewing previously learned school taught Spanish knowledge, claims that it is similar to the education games they play at school for Spanish class.

So, how exactly can you get access to this site for free?

Go to https://mwrdigitallibrary.navy.mil/login, create an account and get verified, click on the link for MangoLanguage.com, create your account and get ready to learn and speak a foreign language confidently. I’m a believer in seeing other people’s  progress as a great motivating tool. So, please, post your progress on my comment section below.

If your local library does not offer free access to this site or you are also not eligible to use NavyMWR, initiate a request and bring Mango Language to your librarian’s attention. Your local public library just may be able to offer free access to this site in the future.

What language learning platform have you tried and love?  Do share.

I do not get any compensation promoting Mango Language.  I do, however, enjoy sharing free educational resources to others and I am thankful that it is made available for free. 

Until next time.


2 thoughts on “I tried a free foreign language app, and this is what happened.”

  1. I have used Duolingo a lot, and have had good success with korean101.com and Italian101.com .
    Never tried mango, but I think our library has access, will check that out.
    Rosetta stone didn’t really work for me.
    My biggest issue is finding time to study, whatever method I am using 😀

    Thanks for sharing about mango!

    1. Yes, it’s very true. The time is the major factor here. If I’m not busy, most likely I’m online doing other things aside from learning a language. Haha. But I really do want to learn enough to carry a conversation, the least, ask for directions. Time will tell.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your mark on my site. I will give your suggested websites a try as well. Take care.

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