Scenic Workout Locale, Part 7

I can’t believe I am on Day 7 of my gym workout to get fit for our family reunion vacation at the Outer Banks this summer. Follow my workout progress as I try different fitness equipments at the gym, starting with Day 1. Because I do love to save when I can, I use the military base gym. Today, I utilized the Oceana Fitness Center. Cost of gym = free. I also include alternative scenic venues to achieve similar workout outdoors, most of which are free, on each post.

I’m so excited to meet with my family and catch up. Three nights of togetherness in one rented house.  I hope we don’t drive each other crazy.  haha.

My Wish List

I want to tone my arms and abdominal muscles.  Anything else I tone as a result of my workouts is a definite plus.

My chosen activity for today

  • Stationary Bike = 20 minutes, 4 miles
  • Life Fitness Row/Rear Deltoid = 4 repetitions of 10 counts each
  • Life Fitness Abdominal = 4 repetitions of 10 counts each
  • Hoist Dual 700 Chin Assist = 12 pull-ups

Day 7 of my toning quest

On Part 6, I worked out with my teen and enjoyed the time we spent bonding.  I’m happy to say that today is a continuation of that day. I don’t mind at all this workout bonding time we are doing. I’m always looking for ways to get the kids off their electronics.

We tried several fitness machines we’ve never used before. We laughed at our shortcomings and failings of not knowing how to use the machines properly. Everyone’s got to start at some point, right?! But we do know how to read instructions, with pictures preferably, and so, learning how to use it was fairly easy, with some trial and error effort.

I can honestly say, my upper torso got a great workout today. My arms were shaking on our drive home.  I will focus on my lower body next time I’m at the gym to give my arms a rest.

The Row/Rear Deltoid was supposed to work my back. I figured it would be amazing to finally get rid of my love handles.

Life Fitness Row/Rear Deltoid Machine

Where I got the most muscle workout on this machine:

  • Deltoids
  • Biceps
  • Forearms

With the Abdominal machine, I started feeling the abdominal muscles working on my second set. It motivated me to do more. I am mindful of not over achieving however because I don’t want to be in pain that I can’t function properly tomorrow.

Life Fitness Abdominal Machine

Where I got the most muscle workout on this machine:

  • Abdominals

Lastly, the Hoist Dual 700 gave me the most workout of all. I have to say, I was a bit scared being so high up off the ground on this machine. I find it hard to trust at first. Eventually, I got over my fear and enjoyed it. I could feel my upper torso getting a full body workout on this.

I have never been able to do a complete pull-up in my life! This is a way for me to get there. Think of this machine as a pull-up workout but with assistance. I will definitely use this machine again.

Hoist Dual 700 Machine

Where I got the most muscle workout on this machine:

  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Forearms
  • Abdominals 

Earlier today, I was able to do 1 minute planks on a yoga mat at home, without shaking. A week ago, I was shaking at 30 seconds count. I am hoping this is a sign that my muscles are getting stronger.

I have not seen defined muscle mass yet. I’m only on Day 7 of my gym workout. I know it will be some time before my muscles start showing pass my fat tissues. I’m definitely looking forward to that.

A More Scenic Approach to Exercise

Since I enjoyed my targeted workout today, I am presenting a great free scenic alternative to exercise machines at a local park. I have talked about Mount Trashmore a little bit on Part 3, as it offered a great exercise opportunity similar to my Day 3 workout.

Mount Trashmore is a city park, built in 1975, created from compacting solid trash and clean soil. This park is huge and beautiful, one worthy of enjoying with the family to stay active or just chill flying a kite. It offers a 60 foot high man-made mountain to enjoy the outdoors.  It is also pet-friendly.

A view of the Kid’s Cove Playground atop Mount Trashmore Mountain

Among the numerous amenities offered at Mount Trashmore are fitness machines. They are located by the lake and mostly under the shade of trees. It’s a great way to squeeze in exercise while enjoying nature.

Exercise Equipments at Mount Trashmore

Bring a picnic basket and have lunch by the lake and watch nature at play after a good workout. We’ve done this a few times with the kids and we always have a great time spending time there.

Enjoy nature at Mount Trashmore, just don’t feed the ducks 

Please consult with your doctor(s) regarding starting an exercise regimen. Your doctor(s) will be able to help you create a goal based on your medical history. Please also listen to your body, it will tell you if it’s had enough.

The exercise regimen I have provided on this post, or my other posts, is for information purposes only and should not be taken as a exercise regimen advice. I am not a professional. Thank you for understanding.

Final words

With each workout, I feel more empowered. I have decidedly altered my habit to add a new workout routine to help me get in shape. It will take some time but I am optimistic that I will achieve my goal in due time.

What are ways you incorporate in your daily habits to empower yourself and others?

Until next time.