Scenic Workout Locale, Part 6

Today is Father’s Day. My husband had to work the graveyard shift and didn’t come home until 9 am this morning. So, while he slept, after I walked our GSD, my teen and I went to the gym to workout to continue on my quest of getting fit for our summer vacation at OBX.  Cost of gym = free. I’m on the quest to get fit on a budget.

My wish list

I want to tone my arms and abdominal.  Anything else that gets toned while doing so is a plus.

My Chosen activity for the day

  • Marpo Kinetics Compact Climber = 15 minutes, 2212 feet climbed
  • Elliptical = 18 minutes (including cool down), 1.65 miles
  • Racquetball = 35 minutes

Day 6 of my toning quest

I have to say, I was happy that my teen initiated the invite to workout. We went to the gym, just the two of us. Even more, we were pretty productive.

Since I had Friday and Saturday off, I wanted to work on my arms again and opted for the rope climber. I learned about this machine from Part 5 workout. I really like this equipment because I can really feel my upper torso muscles at work.

Where I felt the most muscle workout on this machine:

  • triceps
  • biceps
  • hands
  • inner upper thigh (from the way I am sitting, I guess)

After the rope climber, I did a few minutes on the elliptical to balance the workout before moving on to racquetball, which is my teen’s favorite part of the gym. We still don’t know how to play the sport, but it doesn’t stop us from playing it. haha.

This sport works the whole body and I got a pretty decent workout playing it, regardless if I knew how to play or not.

Total gym time = 120 minutes.

A more scenic alternative to exercise

I have not had the pleasure to play racquetball prior to this fitness quest. The necessity of the room to be closed up to allow the ball to bounce on the walls makes finding a scenic alternative to this particular game a bit of a challenge.

What I can offer is tennis, which is similar to racquetball in terms of hitting a ball with a racket. Here in Virginia Beach there are several locations to play tennis outdoors for free.

A great place that offers free tennis court usage can be found at Red Wing Park. Because it is a city park, it also offers picnic tables, and pave pathways to ride the bike or walk. There is also a basketball court at this park. I have noticed when we came back to Virginia Beach that most of the parks no longer have basketball courts. This park is one of the few that still does.

At the gym, the racquetball equipment is provided for free. However, at Red Wing Park, you must bring your own tennis gear. Ours is nothing fancy since I know the kids will just bang it around before they actually learn how to play.

We still haven’t learned to play tennis, still learning to control the strength of the hit; but, we do have fun whenever we play, which is the most important part. Exercise should be fun, especially when kids are involved.

Working on getting an automatic ball machine that serves the ball automatically. It’s especially helpful for one player training. For the mean time, there are boards at the tennis courts that you can hit the tennis ball against, allowing for a one player game.

Additional Background to Red Wing park

Virginia Beach is a sister city to Miyazaki, Japan. As such, there are 150 Yoshino Cherry Blossom trees that were donated to Red Wing Park. Red Wing Park is known for its Cherry Blossoms in the months of March-April.

Sister City to Miyazaki, Japan

The trees bloom the beautiful pinkish white flowers once a year and it is dependent on the winter season when it will bloom. It’s worth seeing, especially when you can’t visit Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms. This park is also pet-friendly.

Cherry Blossoms at Red Wing Park

The annual Cherry Blossom Festival takes places at Red Wing Park once a year and is timed during the peak of cherry blossom trees blossoming. It’s typically on a Saturday and it is filled with activities, music and performances and food, all geared to teach about the Japanese culture. Bring your own chair or blanket to enjoy the performances. This event is outdoors, so please bring sunscreen.

Red Wing Park also have a spacious dog park.

Red Wing Park Dog Park

Final words

Please consult with your doctor(s) regarding starting an exercise regimen. Your doctor(s) will be able to help you create a goal based on your medical history. Please also listen to your body, it will tell you if it’s had enough.

The exercise regimen I have provided on this post, or my other posts, is for information purposes only and should not be taken as a exercise regimen advice. I am not a professional. Thank you for understanding.

How do you keep yourself motivated to exercise?

Until next time.



2 thoughts on “Scenic Workout Locale, Part 6”

  1. Great job on working out. I keep telling myself that I am going to get back in shape and then it just never happens. I would love to learn to play tennis. It looks like such a fun and tiring activity to do. The park looks gorgeous. The one thing I am going to try this summer is to spend more time outside. I love going outside but for some reason don’t do it much. I am going to go out of my way to spend more time at parks and just outside in general, especially with my son so he can get out of the house lots as well.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I love being outdoors, minus the bugs, of course. haha. I have said this before, every living thing has a purpose but mosquitoes and flies can go. I will add ticks to that too, since it’s so prevalent in the summer months. I love getting sun, and the color it adds to my skin tone.
      Playing tennis is a great full body workout. Ofcourse, it helps to know how to play but we just go to be active. Still have not learned to play properly, the thing is we get a workout anyway. haha. I would love to see your town thru your eyes and learn about it. Keep me posted.

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