Scenic Workout Locale, Part 4

It rained last night, enough to create puddles all over my yard, which is never good when you have a German Shepherd that attracts dirt. It also drizzled on and off today. No stars out tonight so I know rain is not yet done with us. Since my workout is at an indoor gym, rain did not meddle with my plans to workout today. So, here I am, completed my 4th day to becoming more fit for the summer. Cost of gym = free.

Although summer technically begins June 21, which is in 9 days, I’ve got a few more weeks to go before I hit the Outer Banks for our family reunion. If I’m successful, I won’t even have to buy a new set of wardrobe. My old ones, waiting patiently for me to use again, will fit me just fine. Haha Super incentive plus! I love to save money when I can.

My Wish List

I want to tone my arms and abdominal muscles. Everything else that gets toned along with it is a plus.

My Chosen Activity for Today

  • Stationary Bike = 30 minutes (including cool down), 10.36 miles
  • Forearm Plank = 3 repetitions of 30 counts each
  • Plank with Knee to Chest = 3 repetitions of 10 each per leg
  • Stretching = 6 minutes

Day 4 of my Toning Quest

I was feeling slightly sore from Day 3 workout, specifically on my hands. My hands were pretty much stationary yesterday during workout; but, I guess I used more hand muscles than I thought I did. So I needed to give it a rest and opted for a stationary bike because it allowed me to exercise without needing my hands to stay balanced.

Stationary Bike at Little Creek for Cardio

The stationary bike was a bit boring for me since only my lower extremities were activated during this workout. I would have benefitted from a book, large print preferably since my eyesight is not that great anymore. Even an audio book would have sufficed.

The least, I had music, which aided in getting me motivated enough to get my minutes done. As a plus, I downloaded my music for free. And since it might be likely I will utilized a stationary bike in the future when I need to rest my arms, I will have to download some free books too. Check out your local library for freebies.

Where I felt the most muscle workout on this machine:

  • Inner thighs
  • Front thighs

I will say, I did sweat on this machine, which is more than I did on the elliptical or row machine. This is my indication that my heart and lungs are getting a workout.

Since my abdominal area didn’t get much workout from Day 3 or from the stationary bike, I added a few abdominal exercises. It’s not much but enough that my abs got activated. After which, I did a little bit of yoga stretch.

Total gym time = 45 minutes

A more Scenic Alternative to Exercise

Since we live by the Atlantic coast, land is pretty flat here. If you are looking for an alternative scenic view to stationary bikes, look no further than First Landing State Park. This park is where English colonist first landed in 1607 in Virginia. Lots of history in this park that you can learn while visiting it. This park offers 10 trails that total 20 miles.

There are 2 trails that allow bicycles.  They are Cape Henry, 6.1 miles long, and Live Oak Trails, 0.4 miles long.  The park’s Bay Store rents bikes during peak season as well.

First Landing State Park information can be both found online and at the park. 

There is an entry charge to this park.

  • For VA residents: $5/vehicle-up to 8 people or $7 during *Prime Season Weekend and Holidays.
  • For out of state visitors: $7/vehicle-up to 8 people or $9 during *Prime Season Weekends and Holidays.

*Prime season is Memorial Day to Labor Day

In the past, we have been visiting state parks for free with our military ID. I know policies change so I’m not sure about this year just yet since we haven’t visited any this year. We certainly plan to at some point, especially this summer months. Shenandoah Valley is definitely in our plan this year.

Hiking with the fam at First Landing State Park

Other things to do at this park:

  • Camping: both cabins and tents 
  • Picnic Shelters
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Swimming

Park is open from 8 am to dusk. This park is also pet-friendly.

To learn more about this park, click here.  I do not get any compensation to promote this place.  I just love that it’s available.  

Please consult with your doctor(s) regarding starting an exercise regimen.  Your doctor(s) will be able to help you create a goal based on your medical history.  Please also listen to your body, it will tell you if it’s had enough.

The exercise regimen I have provided on this post, or my other posts, is for information purposes only and should not be taken as a exercise regimen advice.  I am not a professional.  Thank you for understanding.

It is likely I will take a break working out tomorrow to work on checking off some items on my to-do list. Responsibilities pile up so quickly. And since I’m not really a workout enthusiast, previous to starting, my body need some rest to recuperate from the work it’s been receiving lately. Always good to listen to your body.

School summer break is near. How do you incorporate your kids into your fitness workout?

Until next time.