8 ways to maximize the savings at Walgreens

Walgreens has become one of my favorite stores to shop at.  I typically shop there at least once a week to check out their clearance aisles.  Plus, the associates are very friendly.  This is always a plus to me, great customer service.  I’ve saved quite a bit on everyday items at this store.  While I do not claim to know all about Walgreens, I have learned quite a bit on how to save there over time, which I share below.  Here are 8 ways I maximize my savings at Walgreens.

Here’s one of my past buys at Walgreens, as an example to show you the 8 ways in action.  Out of pocket is $25.07.  With the Rewards Points and rebates used, total goes down to $6.07.  Read more below to learn how.

  • Kleenex 20 ct Wet Wipes, sale price $3/2.  I bought 4.  Total is $6/4.  Redeemed rebates from Ibotta = $1/2, Saving Star = $2/2, Checkout 51 = $2/2.  After rebates is applied, total is $1/4 or $0.25/1, plus tax.
  • Beanboozled Spinner, 3.5 oz, sale price $1.79, plus tax.
  • Eclipse Spearmint, sale price $0.79/1, plus tax.
  • Tide Simply Clean, 40 oz, sale price $2.99.  Used $1/1 digital coupon = $1.99, plus tax.
  • Colgate Optic, sale price $5.99. Used $0.50/1 digital coupon.  Plus a bonus rewards point, buy $10 participating Colgate products, get 5,000 points ($5), good for future purchase.
  • Colgate Optic White Enamel, 3.5 oz, sale price $4.49. Combined this with the Colgate above.
  • Persil Pro Clean, 50 oz, sale price $4.99. Used $2/1 digital coupon and submitted a $2/1 rebate on SavingStar = $0.99/1 total price, plus tax.


8 Ways to Maximize savings at Walgreens:

  1. Balance Rewards Card
    • Walgreens offer a loyalty program and gives point on certain products purchased.  It’s free, just ask an associate to sign up for one.  Balance rewards points earned are essentially store credit which, once earned, are good towards a future purchase. An example is shown above with the Colgate products.  I earned 5,000 points for purchasing the 2 items. That’s $5 I can use to purchase something else at the store.
    • Downloading the free app is optional.  However, I do find it makes it easier to access my account with the app.
    • I usually accumulate my points to save more.  The least, I wait until I have $20 worth.  The maximum amount for point redemption is $50.  Here’s a breakdown of their points system:
      • 1,000 = $1
      • 3,000 = $3
      • 5,000 = $5
      • 10,000 = $10
      • 18,000 = $20
      • 30,000 = $35
      • 40,000 = $50
      • Walgreens recently changed their redemption maximum threshold to $5 per transaction. I ask for two transaction at times to redeem more of my points when I make a purchase over $5.
    • Typically, $1 purchase earns 10 points, unless there is a bonus promotion.  I’ve seen points multiplied to 5x during a promotional bonus points.
  2. Members  Only Perks
    • Atleast once a month, towards the beginning of the month, there are promotional special members only perks to earn even more rewards points.  I’ve earned 7,000 points for purchasing $20 worth of items shown above. All I had to do is load it onto my Walgreens account.  There are expiration dates on these, so watch out for those.  I earned 12,000 points on the purchase mentioned above.  That’s $12 worth of items I get to buy for free.
  3. Digital and Store Coupons
    • I used to buy Sunday papers for the coupon inserts.  They are $1/1 at the Dollar Store.  Eventually, I got stressed out trying to chase after sales to justify the purchase of the coupons.  I stopped buying Sunday papers and switched to digital coupons.  The downside is that I can only use most of the coupons once; but, atleast I’m not stressing as I did before.
    • To load the digital coupons onto the Balance Rewards account, log in to your online Walgreens account or the app and add each that you are interested in.
    • There are coupon booklets at the store.  These are typically good for a month and some can be combined with other coupons.  There’s a fine print ofcourse.
  4. Beauty Enthusiast
    • For every $50 worth of beauty products purchased, Walgreens rewards 5,000 points.  It does not have to be earned in one purchase.
    • Beauty rewards can be earned for hair care, facial skin care, bath and body , nails, fragrance, cosmetics, sun care, and accessories and clothing.
    • Once the $50 threshold is reached, the 5,000 points is automatically loaded onto the balance rewards account.
  5. Ibotta
    • This is a free rebate app, which I successfully use up to this day to maximize my savings, not just at Walgreens but also at several stores.
    • All I have to do is activate the rebate and submit a picture of my receipt as proof of purchase.
    • More than 1 items can be redeemed per receipt.
    • The minimum redemption threshold for this app is $20, which can then be transferred to Paypal or Venmo, or redeemed for giftcards. There are 200+ stores that I can potential save at with this app.
    • Find my referral link here, if you want to read more about or join Ibotta.  I get a bonus for successfully signing others, and you can too once you sign up, which is another plus.
  6. Saving Star
    • This is also a free rebate app that I continue to use to this day.  Once an account is set, activate the rebate by simply clicking it.
    • During submission of receipts, it may ask to scan certain barcodes to make sure rebate is applicable.  
    • Once rebate is validated, rebate earned is accumulated until $20 redemption threshold is reached.  
    • Money earned can be transferred to Paypal or bank account.  eGiftcards are also available.
  7. Checkout51
    • This is another free rebate app that I continue to use.  Once account is set, activate a rebate by clicking the plus sign beside each item.
    • Submit a photo of your receipt.
    • Once rebate is validated, amount earned is accumulatd until $20 minimum redemption threshold is reached.
    • The amount is then mailed to your mailing address in a form of a check.  They are currently working to add Paypal redemption.
  8. Ebates
    • Ebates is a free tool to use for when shopping online.  I’ve ordered from Walgreens online before and have had a good experience. Contact lenses is just one of them.  I earned 7% rebate on my contact lenses using Ebates to go to Walgreens.
    • Just make sure you log onto Ebates first before making an online purchase at supported online websites.  There are tons of websites available at this rebate website, like Groupon.  It really is worth checking.
    • Find my referral link here to learn more about Ebates and/or to signup.  I get a referral bonus, and you can too, for every successful referral.  It’s definitely a plus.


I should also mention that on the bottom of each Walgreens receipt is a sweepstakes code entry.  $3000 is given monthly.  I have not won one myself; but, they post the winners at the stores and online.

All the 8 I listed above are free to use.  While it may take some effort, I find the effort to be worth it, especially since I already buy the items anyway.  There other ways to save at Walgreens.  For example, rolling balance rewards points.  I’ll talk more about this on a future post.  I hope I helped you save with the information provided above.

What are some ways you have adopted to save on your shopping?  Please share.