Places to Get a Birthday Freebie

Hello. Welcome to my blog and to the first ever post on my blog! Yes, I finally talked myself to self-host a blog and now, my self-hosted blog is live. I am both excited and nervous at the same time. I’ve been hearing there is a lot more work involved in self-hosting. I am looking forward to learning. So, if you got tips to help me out, comment below.

What better way to welcome you to my site than to start off with a saving tip? I love freebies and one way I earn them is by signing up for a loyalty rewards account at businesses I patronize. I try to take advantage of these when I can to maximize my savings and extend our one-income household budget year-round. It’s free and easy to sign up for one and I’m already there shopping anyway. I don’t see why I wouldn’t take advantage of it, especially at my favorite businesses, to reap the extra benefits made available for free.

My birth month is May, ergo the name Daisy May. For this month of May, I present to you a list of businesses that offer freebies for the birthday celebrant. Though not exhaustive, I have compiled a list of 12 businesses below that offer free birthday gifts for being a loyal customer. I certainly appreciate them.

American Eagle

I received a 15% coupon in my email inbox to use online or at the store.

AE also offers a military discount at the store, with a military photo id.

Once upon a time, it was just my husband and me who shopped at this store.  Now our teens are grown and shop there too. So every chance of saving is a great opportunity for us to extend the budget.


I received a card in the mail for a free wallet; although, the gifts differ each year.

Hot Topic

I received a $5 off $5 coupon in my email to use online or at the store.

Hot Topic also offers a military discount with a military photo id.

Joann Stores

I received a 20% off total purchase coupon code to use at the store.


50 points were loaded into my loyalty card. Side note: another 50 points and I’ll earn a $5 off $5 reward. (Kohl’s has become one of my fave store to shop during Black Friday because of the extra discounts offered.) 

Extra Note: Kohls also sent me a $5 off $5 coupon code for Mother’s Day, which can be redeemed either online or at the store.

Panera Bread

Free pastry loaded in my rewards account.

Extra note: I also earn a reward after making 3 visits at the place.  The last reward I redeemed was for a bowl of their cheddar broccoli soup, which I love, but can no longer eat.  My kids have no problem volunteering to eat it for me though.

Rack Room Shoes

$10 off $10 coupon was loaded onto my account, which I may redeem at the store or online.


I can either get a Glamglow or Bite Beauty this year, which I can redeem online or at a store.


A free product on my next order.  This time it’s a free Acwell Honey Anti-Wrinkle Daanje Mask.


I get a free drink on my birth date. I  had to register a Starbucks gift card online to get freebies first, however.

I also earn points towards free items each time I pay with a registered gift card.  Every 125 points earn me a free venti size frappuccino, which I love. Sometimes, to save on calories and money, I ask the barista to divide the venti size frap into two. This way, two people can enjoy the drink and get a taste without the full amount of sugar and calories than the venti size drink contains.


55 points added to my account next time I redeem my earned points.

Extra note: I use this site as a search engine to earn points towards gift cards. Currently, I’m halfway to redemption level. If you’re interested in learning more or joining, click here (My referral link.) I recently redeemed my points for a $10 Walmart gift card, which I can use at the store or online. Macy’s is also available, among other stores, as well as a Visa card. Swagbucks also offer other ways to earn points at their site, all of which can be combined to earn rewards faster.

Ulta Beauty

Differs each time. This time it’s Nars Orgasm Mini Blush. I get my freebie sent over in my email.  All I have to do is show the code at the store to claim my free gift.

Final Words

In a one-income family household, I certainly appreciate getting freebies, especially for practically no effort, other than signing up. I try to be mindful of the free offers made available to me by stores I already regulate because why not?! If anything, I can regift it. Haha Or use it a prize for one of the party games I host.

So, there you have it: the tried and tested 12 businesses that offer birthday freebies.

What other stores have given you a birthday freebie?  Do share and I’ll check it out.


Some of the link provided on this post may earn me a little affiliation incentive. This is of no extra cost to you to click.